Drama Glue: Pills and Medication: Quick Fix: Pill Society

Here’s some information on our modern drama glue livesDrama Glue : Pills and Medication : Quick Fix : Pill Society

People in the West are overweight and out of shape.

Only 15% of new businesses succeed in their third year.

People are getting cancer (I call it ‘earning cancer’) at an unprecedented rate.

Relationships (marriages) are breaking down at a rate never seen before.

More people are taking prescribed drugs and medications than ever before, and in quantities that grow yearly.

Those people take drugs and medications because they feel lonely and hopeless and live out-of-control lives.

If you have a headache, you will likely take Panadol or other painkiller medication, similar to the common cold. In addition, you take medication to dry you up and stop the cough.

This is all so easy. Take the tablet, and your drama glue pain goes away.

Quick Fix Outside the Square

If some of the information above resonates with you, you’re searching for the easy answer, the quick fix. Your short fix works for a while! Are you one of these people? Are you searching for that particular pill that will make your life better? The quick fix!

A few months ago, I posted a picture on my Facebook page of many young children from a low-income country, and I mentioned that although these children had very little in their lives, they were happy. The picture showed them playing and laughing. After I posted the image with a comment about happiness, I received negative comments. So I posted the picture as a test to test my anecdotal finding. The reason was to see how much people think outside the square. Drama Glue : Pills and Medication : Quick Fix : Pill Society

Think outside the square.

I was pointing out that very little doesn’t mean you have to be unhappy. For example, do your pills and medication make you happy? What about that script the doctor gave you, the drugs and medicine to help your common cold?

In my psychic reading practice, I see many people on medication to help their depression. Every one of those people comes to me because they want to get off that medication.

Tooth Ache Quick Fix

I last took painkiller medication in 2010 for a toothache late at night. Toothaches bloody hurt! I had no sleep that night, and early as I could, I was off to see my acupuncturist, who fixed it within minutes. There have been other injuries, like muscular injuries from my Aikido practice, the occasional headache, stomach aches, and other aches and pains. I’m not demanding; I’m no super-being. I’m a bit of a wimp when it comes to pain.


I have strategies for these ailments. All are natural. Do you ever get a nagging headache? Try this; it’s straightforward and very safe. Drink three large glasses of water; take them off if you wear reading glasses. Ask a friend to lightly press their fingers on your head’s tight, sore bits for two minutes. That’s all. Go about your business as if you’d taken your quick-fix pills and medication.  Think about sending the drug companies broke.

During Easter last year, we visited friends interstate. It was beautiful to see them, but not so wonderful to hear about their hip and leg problems or other drama glue stories. They were in a negative space of drama glue; I decided to switch off; I went into dreamland and let them stay with their stories.

You may think of me as ignorant, but I know I can’t allow these stories. I learnt to walk away from drama glue stories because I don’t want to attract people and stories like this. This was a tough call for me.

Take Action

Drama Glue : Pills and Medication : Quick Fix : Pill Society

I can hear you. You’re saying, “The investment is too great! It costs too much! Can’t afford it!”. I’m not talking about money investment; I’m referring to you investing in yourself.

Decide what to do. Make it small, so small it hardly seems worth it. Then, you fix yourself by investing in yourself. This is how you select those statistics above; you take action and control your welfare, vitality and health.

Have an Awesome Day,


Fix that injury. Quick, easy, and no pain killers.

We all grow! Does our mind grow? Or are we FIXED?

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