Two Things to Help You Escape from a So-So Day

A couple of months ago, a client and a fantastic friend needed a little lift. When I asked about her day, she said, “So-So”. She works in IT, and a client’s website was not working. Consequently, an IT guy started bad-mouthing her to the client and others about the problem.

We all have so-so days. Something goes awry through a mistake or misunderstanding. It just happens.
Helping my client was easy. She’s been with me for over a year, and I’ve seen how far she’s come.
All we did was fold up yesterday’s little challenge (because that’s what it was) to her bigger picture; to get her to remember what was happening a year, six months and even three months ago and what she’s achieved in that time. And believe me, that was a lot!!!
Too often, we fail to recognise how we’re doing on the grand stage of life by concentrating on daily mishaps and problems. Yet, those daily challenges and issues make you star; they are what change you, teach you and help you make changes from average to excellent. In other words, you learn from your mistakes.

Bad Mouthing

You’re going to say, “But what about the bad-mouthing? My credibility is at stake?”. Well, what about it? In the big picture, does it matter?
I know some seekers who come to see me feel they didn’t get exactly what they were after. Indeed—one even mentioned me as a fraud. The world is full of people like this. I know that better than 95% of the people who come to me are happy and value what I give them. I know I’m not for everyone, and I never want to be—occasionally, someone will walk through my door, sit down and be disenchanted with what I do. It doesn’t happen often, but it does happen.Escape from a So-So Day : Bad Mouthing
If this happens to you, accept the situation, let it go and learn from it. Remember—and this is important—you do not need to apologise to the other person unless you did something wrong. So accept that the energy was not right and move on.

Two Things to Help You Escape from a So-So Day

  1. Accept your 3%-5% of the crap that you can do nothing about it. Learn from it, and accept that you’re never going to be 100% for everyone. Also, that 3%-5% is what makes you stronger.
  2. Fold the crap in your so-so day up into your big-picture. Remember, you’re a star and even stars twinkle.

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