Andrew is back from his trip away and is taking bookings. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 concerns he is unable to do face-to-face bookings–all bookings until Friday 10th April are by phone, Skype or FaceTime.

Psychic Andrew Warnes

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Get your life direction, up-coming challenges and emotional pain unzipped in just 60 minutes with specialist, Psychic Andrew Warnes.

Psychic of the Year (ACT) 2012.

“It’s what you need to hear, NOT what you want to hear!”

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Andrew’s reading was very insightful and reinforced things I already knew about myself and loved ones. He made accurate predictions that didn’t make sense at the time of my reading but now do.

February 2020

I came to see you with a lot of doubt in mind but after the session with you I went home relieved and thank God for you.
March 2020

Hi Andrew
Thanks for the reading today, I really enjoyed it, your positive outlook and being direct to the point was great which then in turn gives me a comforting feeling about my life moving forward – thank you 🙌
January 2020