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Psychic of the Year (ACT) 2012.

“It’s what you need to hear, NOT what you want to hear!”

I have been having the worst year in 2020. I moved to a new state with a man who mistreated me and my daughter, broke up with him, relocated to C…….. for family support and during the peak of COVID-19, lost my grandmother, struggled at university in one degree and switched to another, still struggled to focus, found out I am autistic, met another autistic man who quickly went from a friend to a boyfriend, had to resign from a truly amazing job because I was too stressed to decide if going back would make me burn out, moved back to QLD, had to deal with the ex to get my belongings out of his house and just generally feeling low.

I had no idea what path I was on. I was confused and so uncertain with my choices. I tried to see Andrew before I left QLD but I cancelled as the time wasn’t right. Once I got back here and things started settling I gave it a try. I had my session with Andrew yesterday and at first I was unsure how I felt but very quickly into our session he started mentioning things that were so accurate and there was even one point where I had a few tears well up in my eyes because of the truly beautiful things he was saying about me and my new partner. I’m feeling much more at ease with the path I’m on and I now know it is definitely the right path for me with the right person for me. I feel better equipped to handle life’s hurdles now knowing what I know from what Andrew could see. Thank you Andrew. You really changed my mindset and I can’t express this enough. This shining star is going to shine so bright and achieve everything she has set to achieve. Thank you!! S…..

July 2020

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I sought out Andrew to find answers to difficult times in my life, in a year that has been challenging all of us. Andrew is very insightful and practices “tough love”. I’m sitting here having made some confronting decisions and having made the first step. I know the feelings I have will pass and in the end I will be better off. I just have to tough out the next 24 hours and take each step one at a time AND Not catastrophise. Andrew has been there to support me. My reading was very positive, so times will get better.

December 2020

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I’d never had a tarot card reading before but I feel a lot of what was in the cards related to my personality and also my husband. I was pretty amazed when Andrew asked if my sister had just started a business and got an ABN…her husband started his own business and only got his ABN sorted the week before my reading. This question from Andrew was completely unprompted and I hadn’t revealed anything at all about my sister and her life. Pretty amazing! Andrew revealed positive news regarding my fertility so I’m looking forward to seeing these predictions come true 🙂 Andrew was incredibly welcoming and kind from start to finish and I really enjoyed my reading.

November 2020

You shine light into the world Andrew, don’t ever change.

November 2020

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