It’s You….

“It’s what you need to hear, NOT what you want to hear!”

What’s in store for you?

Life direction, upcoming challenges and emotional pain unzipped in 60 minutes with specialist Brisbane Psychic Andrew Warnes.

Andrew has a wonderful energy and made me feel very comfortable through out the reading. He was very accurate on where I am in my life right now and provided wonderful insight into my potential future – which is exciting. Its up to me now, to take action and realize my Destiny. Thank you Andrew, I will be recommending you to friends.

May 2023

Andrew is so lovely and immediately put me at ease. He is very welcoming and insightful into the cards that were turned during my reading. As a new customer I found the recording of our session really helpful in reinforcing what I heard as there was a lot of information. Thanks Andrew, I will be a returning in the future 🙂

March 2023

Award Winning Psychic

Psychic Andrew Warnes is an award-winning psychic known for his exceptional abilities. With a track record of success, Andrew was selected from thousands of Psychics in Australia to audition for the prestigious Australian television show “The One” in 2011. In early 2012, he was honoured with the coveted Psychic of the Year award, solidifying his reputation as one of the best psychics in the industry.

Andrew is highly sought-after with a global clientele for his accurate predictions and profound insights. He has helped numerous national and international decision-makers navigate their paths with confidence and clarity.

Andrew’s world is a vibrant mix of fun, intelligence, warmth, and friendliness. You’ll feel an immediate sense of comfort and acceptance when you enter his psychic space. Andrew’s approach is engaging and conversational, making connecting and understanding his shared wisdom easy.

About Andrew

Coming from a science and Public Servant background, Andrew knows all too well the feeling of being stuck or unfulfilled. However, through his own journey, he has discovered how to integrate psychic readings and mentoring for lasting change. Whether through face-to-face sessions at his home in New Farm, virtual sessions on Zoom, or telephone consultations, Andrew provides transformative experiences that leave a lasting impact.

In addition to his psychic services, Andrew also trains individuals in psychic awareness using the Tarot as a powerful tool for personal growth. With his expertise, he regularly conducts workshops and shares his knowledge with others.


 Currently residing in Brisbane, Australia, Andrew maintains a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle. He values daily practices such as meditation, walking, cycling, and enjoying a morning coffee while engaging in community chats. He continually tests and sharpens his mind through mindfulness meditation and physical activities.

Take the first step towards clarity and self-discovery with Psychic Andrew Warnes. His warm, calming energy and genuine care will create a safe and inviting space for your psychic reading. By the end of the session, you’ll have gained valuable insights into yourself and your life.

Book a Psychic Reading today and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

The first thing you notice when you first meet Andrew is that he radiates warm, calming and friendly positive energy, and this immediately puts you at ease. You feel welcomed in the psychic space and also receptive for the session. This is great especially for first timers like myself, that aren’t sure what to expect! Andrew is professional but personable, and delivers the reading in a way that is somewhat conversational and makes it easy to understand and follow, and by the end of the session you feel like you’ve learnt so much about yourself! I would highly recommend it. It was such a wonderful experience, thank you Andrew.

March 2023

Andrew was very relatable and welcoming. His approach to his session was great with explaining the meanings behind the cards that were drawn. The recording of the session is also great as reflecting on what was said and spoken about can be revisited at any time.

June 2023

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