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Psychic of the Year (ACT) 2012.

“It’s what you need to hear, NOT what you want to hear.”

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Presented by Psychic Andrew Warnes

Andrew provided a lot of information to process and surprised by the frankness given touching on home truths that he is saying is coming, and I my self finding it has already arrived. Not knowing Andrew he called out things about me he couldn’t have known because before today we never met. It certainly a mind opener and I look forward to see what he says comes true and advice he said I can use to turn my life into a positive one. Thanks Andrew will be seeing you again.

February 2019

Hi Andrew, 

Just a note to provide feedback for your the reading in Nov 2018. 

I’ve recently played back the file and found the information helpful.

You were accurate relating to the kidney transplant. D…..(ed.) received and lost a kidney after a terrible infection.  Poor thing.😔 Your suggestion about living organ donation was  good and I’ve been able to put this idea to bed. You also accurately described my December, as I found myself under the weather for the last few weeks with a failing voice. The diversion of having to focus on me has brought about some noticeable changes.  The few hints you gave me around work has helped in terms of letting go and not being so perfect has helped.  Given there is more of the year to go I’m interested to see how things pan out however I’m feeling more positive about things .. so thank you Andrew!

With gratitude 


February 2019

Thank you so much Andrew. It was a pleasure meeting you. I felt as though you were the right fit for me, and it was a wonderful experience. You have given me peace. Everything will be ok….and maybe I shouldn’t blame myself so much. Thank you again. I hope we meet again.

March 2019

Today I was at a low. Andrew was so helpful in clarifying my obstacles and giving me direction that I couldn’t know or see. I am so grateful, thank you Andrew.

February 2019