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Personal Reading

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  • You
  • Your relationships
  • Your job and career
  • Health
  • Movement & travel
  • Readings start from $100
  • Extras

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Professional Reading

What we discuss….

  • Professional career
  • The professional aspect of you
  • Who you want to be
  • What makes you a professional
  • Your family
  • Movement & travel
  • Relationships
  • Networks
  • Health
  • Life Purpose
  • Readings start from $120
  • Extras

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The reading was very interesting, enlightening and inspiring. It gave me an insight and the guidance I needed when I felt stuck/bogged down in my current employment/job in the Public Service. It has given me the motivation to proceed with my business ventures and the hope that it will succeed. It was also interesting to hear about my children and spouse.

December 2021


I had a phone reading with you on a Monday morning a few weeks ago.  The main issue was my moving.

You said several times that you thought it was very possible and likely that the new owners of the house would want me to stay on for a while.  And that is exactly what has happened! They just called and asked if I wanted to stay until early next year. So – amazing call! Spot on!  I think I said I would let you know if that happened cause you seemed pretty convinced.

So, thanks for that.  Had started looking around and there’s not much out there.

June 2021

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I was a bit nervous before my reading with Andrew, as I wasn’t sure what to expect. When I first arrived I was greeted with a warm smile and a friendly wave and instantly felt welcomed and at ease. Andrew gave me such a positive reading and the whole experience as a whole was vibrant, warm and positive! He was accurate with many of the present issues at hand, and gave me insight on how to approach/handle these issues, which I am grateful for. If you’re thinking of seeing Andrew for a reading, do it! You won’t regret it! I’m sure I’ll return again in the future! Thank-you Andrew!

February 2021

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November 2020