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Personal Reading

What we talk about…..

  • You
  • Your relationships
  • Your job and career
  • Health
  • Movement & travel
  • Readings start from $110
  • Extras

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Professional Reading

What we discuss….

  • Professional career
  • The professional aspect of you
  • Who you want to be
  • What makes you a professional
  • Your family
  • Movement & travel
  • Relationships
  • Networks
  • Health
  • Life Purpose
  • Readings start from $149
  • Extras

More information and Professional Pricing Tables

Andrew is so lovely and immediately put me at ease. He is very welcoming and insightful into the cards that were turned during my reading. As a new customer I found the recording of our session really helpful in reinforcing what I heard as there was a lot of information. Thanks Andrew, I will be a returning in the future 🙂

March 2023


I had a phone reading with you on a Monday morning a few weeks ago.  The main issue was my moving.

You said several times that you thought it was very possible and likely that the new owners of the house would want me to stay on for a while.  And that is exactly what has happened! They just called and asked if I wanted to stay until early next year. So – amazing call! Spot on!  I think I said I would let you know if that happened cause you seemed pretty convinced.

So, thanks for that.  Had started looking around and there’s not much out there.

June 2021

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The first thing you notice when you first meet Andrew is that he radiates warm, calming and friendly positive energy, and this immediately puts you at ease. You feel welcomed in the psychic space and also receptive for the session. This is great especially for first timers like myself, that aren’t sure what to expect! Andrew is professional but personable, and delivers the reading in a way that is somewhat conversational and makes it easy to understand and follow, and by the end of the session you feel like you’ve learnt so much about yourself! I would highly recommend it. It was such a wonderful experience, thank you Andrew.

March 2023

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November 2020