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Life direction, upcoming challenges and emotional pain unzipped in 60 minutes with specialist Brisbane Psychic Andrew Warnes.

Award Winning Psychic

Award-winning psychic Andrew Warnes, recognised for exceptional abilities, was selected from thousands to audition for the prestigious Australian TV show “The One” in 2011. Honoured as Psychic of the Year in 2012, he has a global clientele, offering accurate predictions and profound insights.

Known for his engaging and conversational approach, Andrew brings a vibrant mix of fun, intelligence, warmth, and friendliness to his psychic practice, providing clients with confidence and clarity on their paths.

About Andrew

From a science and Public Servant background, Andrew understands the challenges of feeling stuck or unfulfilled. He integrates psychic readings and mentoring for lasting change through his journey, offering transformative experiences in face-to-face sessions, virtual Zoom meetings, or telephone consultations. Besides psychic services, Andrew trains individuals in psychic awareness using Tarot for personal growth, conducting regular workshops to share his expertise.

Andrew maintains a balanced lifestyle in Brisbane, Australia, emphasising daily practices like meditation, walking, cycling, and community chats over morning coffee  to actively test and sharpen his mind. 


Embark on a journey of self-discovery and clarity with Psychic Andrew Warnes!

Experience the warmth and genuine care he brings to create a safe and inviting space for your psychic reading. Expect valuable insights into yourself and your life by the session’s end.

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Andrew was awesome & completely spot on ! Andrew is extremely welcoming & warm by nature so you feel comfortable as soon as you arrive. There were lots of laughs and he is very good at providing extra information or advice from his own experiences which I particularly loved. I highly recommend Andrew if you are wanting a very genuine reading with alot of moments that will make absolute sense only to you ! I was very happily surprised how accurate he was and was able to get some answers to alot of questions I had. Do yourself a favour & catch up with Andrew .. you definitely won’t be disappointed! :)

June 2024

The first thing you notice when you first meet Andrew is that he radiates warm, calming and friendly positive energy, and this immediately puts you at ease. You feel welcomed in the psychic space and also receptive for the session. This is great especially for first timers like myself, that aren’t sure what to expect! Andrew is professional but personable, and delivers the reading in a way that is somewhat conversational and makes it easy to understand and follow, and by the end of the session you feel like you’ve learnt so much about yourself! I would highly recommend it. It was such a wonderful experience, thank you Andrew.

April 2024

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Issues can be challenging, but at Psychic Andrew Warnes, we are here to provide the help you need.

I thought I would also provide a little update while I’m here, checking in! 

 Pretty much everything you have said and what the cards has revealed so far have been true or come to fruition – I definitely feel ace of swords now and ten of wands last month, work has been hectic (that’s why February/March death card has got me shaking in my boots a bit) – considering we have booked our trip to the US/CAN ?. Anyway I hope we have a good time.
 I have been trying to get a couple of my friends to come see you for some guidance. I think they could really benefit from talking to you (because I do!). I will keep working on them and fingers crossed I can get them over the line!
December 2023

Andrew has a wonderful energy and made me feel very comfortable through out the reading. He was very accurate on where I am in my life right now and provided wonderful insight into my potential future – which is exciting. Its up to me now, to take action and realize my Destiny. Thank you Andrew, I will be recommending you to friends.

May 2024