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We likely haven’t met before. Right here is for you if you’ve never had a reading with me or had a reading before.
Let’s be clear; I am not for everyone. Please decide if I am suitable for you. Read my Testimonials and the About Andrew before you book.

If Andrew is not for you, tell him during the reading? It could be his style or the content—it doesn’t matter. Tell him early enough, and he’ll likely instantly refund you. Andrew does not refund after the reading. If you feel during the reading that you’re not getting value, you must tell him.

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About Andrew

Meet Andrew, a unique individual with a distinctive perspective on the world and the universe. As a creator, he shapes the image of his reality and extends this creative insight to craft a psychic image tailored for you. Brace yourself, though, because what he shares might align differently from what you want to hear. In the words of Doug, one of Andrew’s clients, “It’s what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.” Please take this perspective before scheduling a psychic reading with Andrew.

Andrew doesn’t shy away from delivering potentially negative information. However, his creative approach interprets it as essential insights you need to hear. Your life might seem challenging, with negative experiences persisting for years, but Andrew envisions it as a unique journey rather than mere hardship. His pragmatic psychic abilities aim to navigate through the challenges, but you must believe in yourself and the messages he imparts.

Rest assured, Andrew is non-judgmental—there’s nothing he hasn’t heard. While you may find some of his revelations challenging, remember that he is your messenger, not the origin of your challenges.

After your session, head home, relax, sleep well, and revisit your psychic reading audio in a few days. Keep listening, even if the insights are uncomfortable; therein lies your transformational change. Embrace the process; what you may not want to hear could be what you need to listen to for personal growth.

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What we discuss….

  • Professional career
  • The professional aspect of you
  • Who you want to be
  • What makes you a professional
  • Your family
  • Movement & travel
  • Networks
  • Health
  • Life Purpose

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