Today we’re talking about your MINDSET. There are two types, one is prominent amongst most of us (including me), and the other, “Growth Mindset”, is what you’re striving for. In this article, we’re giving you a PREAMBLE and, in the next blog, the “HOW TO….”

We all grow! Does our mind grow? Or are we FIXED?

Fixed Mindset

Look down any street, and you’ll see people with this mindset. It’s turned into the usual way of living. Your life is relatively ordered, happy and positive. Then, you examine a rare negative thing that crops up and acts on in your predictable way. You would be quick to agree that the events are mostly ‘normal’. ‘Normal’ in this context is that you would accept that occasionally you might get sick, lose or quit a job, divorce or split from a partner and, at some stage, die.We all grow! Does our mind grow? Or are we FIXED?

Those are the negative aspects…..

The Good Things are…..

The good things are the same. Things like winning the lottery, passing an exam, working and achieving a goal are predictable and, for the most part, positive.

You would agree too that some of those things that may be negative now, with time, could become positive. People who have been through separation and divorce often say this. The separation and divorce process is complex and stressful; when you meet a new particular person, that divorce process is something you’re happy about.

Fixed Mindset is the Norm

Unfortunately, when we talk fixed mindset, the positive/negative aspects mean naught. It’s still a fixed mindset because we think and react with a fixed mindset. You know no other life. So being in a fixed mindset makes it challenging to identify the essential things that changed to make you who you are now.

None are good or bad; they are your perception of how your life has panned out.

Growth Mindset

Now let’s look down that street again. A guy or gal with a growth mindset is somewhere in the crowd. Will you recognise them? Probably not…..

This person can be hard to pick. If you’re one of these people, this is what you look like:

We all grow! Does our mind grow? Or are we FIXED?

  • You don’t put values in your life as positive or negative,
  • Perception is the way you look at your life. You perceive what you can learn along the way,
  • You love challenge and excitement,
  • You’re speech, how you talk, has an air of “Let’s just do it” about it,
  • You’ll take the leap of faith, and if you make a mistake, you’ll smile and move on, and,
  • You’re passionate about life.

In a few words…..

Setbacks or mistakes do not faze you; you learn from them. 

Is this you?

Have an outstanding day,


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