Fix That Injury With No Pain Killers.

That dreaded Feeling of impending Pain

A few months ago, I was in my Aikido class and about to make a move that required me to move quickly towards my partner. As I drove, I felt the unmistakable pain of a ripping calf muscle in my leg. Have you ever done this? It was painful and, at the time, felt like someone had thrown a hard ball at my calf muscle. It took a minute or so for the full effects to occur, and when they did, I had an “Oh bugger!” feeling that I would be incapacitated for months.

Fix that injury. Quick, easy, and no pain killers.That’s the feeling most of us have. I had that feeling flash through my mind, and it didn’t linger long.

One of the extraordinary things that life has taught me is that injuries are inevitable. If I look at injuries with the right mindset and my body’s wisdom, it will recover. The thing I find interesting is my speed of recovery.


What the Professionals Say How to Fix that Injury

The story we hear from professionals and experts in the health field is as we grow older, our powers of recovery slow down. Where does this story come from? Think about it: just because I’m, say, 60 years of age, why would my recovery power be slower than someone half my age? That’s illogical. Everything still works the same way. My heartbeat, brain (although it works differently as I age), immune system, endocrine system etc., all work the same way as they did when I was 20. I understand we go through phases in our life; we do change. But there is no need to subscribe to the idea that I can’t do a particular thing just because I’m older or my power of recovery will be slower.

I’m My Healer with No Pain Killers

My injury and other Aikido aches and pains are generally muscular. They are acute injuries, not chronic ones. I’m fortunate that I don’t have constant long-lasting injuries. Even if I did, it would make no difference; I would still have the same recovery outlook.

The Steps

I’ll give you an example of what I did to help myself. The injury occurred on Thursday evening, and by the following Sunday, I was mobile enough to attend my next Aikido lesson.

First, within one minute of the injury, I sat down and had my hands on the affected painful area. I’m a reiki channel, which helped me, but even if I weren’t, I would still put my hands on the injury.

Next, I did precisely that when I could get up and exercise my leg. Then, half an hour later, I was asked to help a couple of training colleagues, so I got up and helped them, limping, of course, and it was painful.

Third, When I got home, I did more reiki on my leg (you could just put your hands on an affected area).

Fourth, I gently massaged some special Chinese oil into the injury. (You’re going to have to send me a message for details of these remedies, they are cheap and freely available in Asian grocery shops, and I’m happy to give you the names.)

The Special Step

The fish step was to meditate for about 20 minutes. Then, during meditation, I got the crew to work. What crew? My imaginary repair and construction crew. They consist of thousands of repairers and construction people who go to the site of my injury and fix it. They drive trucks, have hammers and jackhammers, there are painters and decorators, and some work is done by hand, taking a lousy cell and a damaged cell there and replacing it with a brand new one. These guys are tireless; they work non-stop until all the damage has been fixed. Sound weird? Try it; let your imagination go.

My last but not final step was the following day more meditation to check on how the construction crew was going. After that, I applied more Chinese herbal oil and exercised.

That’s the Procedure with No Pain Killers

This is how we stay fit. No Western medication, no painkillers (because they hamper the construction crew), no winging about the pain, just a total belief that I’ll be back to full health in a few days.

I’ve given you my six steps. You may want to modify them to suit you, including leaving a step out, which is fine. Start the process with an acute injury, if you ever get one, and then use the same method to fix an ailment with chronic overtones.

Your Mind is Powerful

Remember, your mind is mighty; use it…….

Oh, and one last thing. Probably the most essential thing of all. As your injury improves, be grateful for the improvement and be proud of yourself for returning to peak fitness again so quickly.

Have an outstanding day,


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