Jilted Lover: Being Friends with My Ex: Splitting Up

Our Start

Four months ago, I met a woman online. I started with a coffee on a Sunday morning that I thought would last an hour—3 hours later, I had to leave to see a client. On Tuesday, we had dinner and very quickly, something special developed.

We became attached. She introduced new things to me, and I became someone who wasn’t a ‘friend-with-benefits’ because we did things together. I soon referred to her as my girlfriend because she lived 30 minutes away and did her stuff, and I did mine. We would meet two to four times a week. Our mutual attachment quickly became an emotional attachment, especially for me, and she gave me fantastic feedback that our feelings were mutual. So then I became the jilted lover.

Splitting UpJilted Lover : Being friends with my Ex : Splitting Up

About a week ago, over a planned drink, she told me that something was not working for her and that the relationship would end.

I’m a jilted lover. I am sad, flat and keep coming up with “How could I have done it differently” thoughts. Well, I was for four days after the split. I want to make something clear; she told me straight—very fairly and nicely- that something within her was not right. That last meeting was quite beautiful because we both with love in our hearts.

My Feelings

My mind and logic accepted what had happened. But, as always happens, it triggered something emotional. I was far more emotionally invested in the relationship than she was, although I never had any indication during the four months that this was the case. We all know breaking up is not fun—for me, it was difficult because she was someone to go and see. My go-to person, I loved that feeling, the warmth, the smile, tenderness, the conversation and fantastic sex. But I also knew there was something inside me want that wanted to hurt her. I’m lucky because I find that feeling easy to dismiss.


Being the jilted lover, I felt abandoned. My emotional hurt, which goes back to my childhood, is abandonment, and with that comes loneliness and emptiness. But there’s an important thing to remember about abandonment. Only children can be abandoned; adults cannot; if you’re feeling lonely and left, you’re acting like a child—you need to grow up.  There’s one last thing about being abandoned. You likely want to have the last word by emailing or texting what you think are important things that need to be said. Once we split, there is nothing else to be said. I wanted the last word for a few days, so I texted things. Lucky for me, she didn’t block; she responded with her previous comments and on and on; it went on for three days.

The End: What I Did…..

After 1-week, I’m 90% free. I still think about her, but I’m over her. The list of things I did (below) worked, and they worked quickly.

Here’s what I did.

  1. I took 2-3 doses of rescue remedy each day for the first three days—to calm the emotions, and
  2. I made no significant decisions—I deferred them.
  3. Next, I did my perturbation stuff. We’ve talked about this before, and I asked myself the following questions. “Knowing the way I’m feeling, what’s great about that”; “When is now a great time for me to move out of the way I’m feeling”; “What’s the first thing I’m going to do to help myself”.
  4. I got busy—but I did the good things—movies (but not sad movies), I had no alcohol, I did have a breakup ice cream with an extraordinary young friend, and I made a point of talking to happy friends—people who wouldn’t allow me to go into my emotional drama-glue.
  5. I talked to my trusted friends, some of whom are my mentors. These people certainly don’t go into my drama glue, and I spoke to them because I wanted different perspectives from different people. This is a learning thing for me; it’s my way of digging into myself so I grow from the experience. Essentially, I’m gaining reassurance that I’m a good person.
  6. I got back into my old routine. The complete routine b — my morning meditation, stretches, walk, coffee out with friends, before returning home to a beautiful breakfast, and lastly,
  7. I nurtured myself by going to have a massage. 

Being Friends With My Ex

Next comes the question that all ask. Can we be friends? Is being friends with my Ex a proposition?

In my case, we will not be friends. There is too much between us, and there is no reason to be friends.

Was There a Reason For The Relationship?

It’s taken a week, but now I’m getting it. What was this relationship for? What did I learn?

I learnt a lot from this relationship. This beautiful woman introduced me to some things I never thought I’d experience, and some of those things I’ve decided to take further. I’ve learnt something unique and a little crazy, and I’m off to learn about sexuality and sexual boundaries that I’ve never contemplated before.

I’ve also learnt that in any new relationship, always think about the relationship.


Psychic Andrew Warnes

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