Tarot Sex : Is it Real?

Tarot Sex is something I’m often asked about as a professional tarot reader. I’m asked whether there are cards that symbolise or indicate certain things like death or sickness. There are, but they are rarely a single card—indications tend to appear as groups of cards. When I’m with a client I can’t think of an instance when I would out and out tell the client what I see if it is something like death, a major illness or accident. After all, what if I was wrong……..


Sex and passion, is a totally different thing.
Some time ago, someone came to see me and she asked me about tarot sex. She was interested in a certain guy who had re-entered her life. For the next 30 minutes we had a lot of fun. I explained as accurately as I could what I was seeing/feeling, she nodded in total agreement, constantly blushing but enjoying every minute because, it seems, Seems, I am the only person who really “got” what she was getting. Pardon the pun……

So where does this leave us with the tarot card pack. Are there cards that appear that always have a sexual connotation to them? Well, yes there are, but not everyone is going to get the message. After all, a reading is not all about sex, especially tarot sex.

This is frequently a ‘touchy’ subject. During psychic readings people frequently want to ask about a sexy new partner because what happens behind closed doors is such an important part of a relationship. Would you like to discuss this further? Please book a psychic reading here, and when you do please mention ‘tarot sex’ in the booking comments. We maintain a high level of confidentiality at all times.

1. The LoversLovers in tarot sex

For our first example of tarot sex, I may draw a card like The Lovers. If you look at the picture it’s a pretty sexy looking card. But what does it mean? It could mean an amazing new guy is going to want to lift you up half naked. All the while having passionate sex in the sea with dolphins jumping around in harmony to his pelvic thrusts. Unfortunately, for the clients who have been to see me, I have never described a scenario like this; I’m not saying it won’t happen, it just hasn’t happened yet.

Just to set the record straight, The Lovers, to me, is more about support and connections—close connection, bonding and togetherness, rather like a marriage. In any good relationship when there is close bonding and connection there is likely to be a close connection in the bedroom too, rather like the couple who dance slowly sensually together. Their love making will generally by close, passionate and sensual, just like The Lovers.

2. TemperanceTarot sex Temperance

What about a tarot sex card like Temperance? Innocent looking, sure. The figure in the card is certainly beautiful and there seems to be a certain magic about her. I actually love this card appearing in readings because it has so many meanings. One that jumps out is of someone who loves sex but not necessarily heterosexual sex. It often signifies sex and it could mean gay, heterosexual or even someone who is bi-sexual. What is strongly represented is the transfer of fluids either by the sexual act or just kissing.

For me Temperance can be a higher level card, meaning that the subjects may be on a higher sexual journey and the need for the transfer of fluids may be coming to an end. If you were to draw this card think about taking your love-making and sex to the next level, frequently people on this level explore the magic of tantric sex.

3. Ace of WandsAndrew Warnes Best Psychic Brisbane Ace-of-wands

Now let’s move on to one of the hottest cards in the pack—The Ace of Wands. And no, if you draw this card, girls, you’re not necessarily about to go out and buy a new vibrator. The Ace of Wands is about sexual passion, the type that really fires a couple up and, it is certainly about physical sex. This card is about penetration. Warning though, if you draw this card, it could be you’re about to enter a hot, passionate time with a partner or new lover. The other side of this though, is that it could be only about sex; remember, relationships are a lot more than sex.

Of course, it could be a whole heap of fun, but long term? Probably not, it’s just too difficult to build a long term relationship on sex alone. Interestingly, no matter what tarot pack you use, this card represents a strong phallic symbol. Some packs represent this card from a feminine angle and show the central wand with a vagina like opening at the end, a combination of the masculine/feminine in one card.

4. The DevilDevilish tarot sex

Have you ever watched any movies where the devil is a central character? A large proportion have sex as a central theme—here in tarot sex, the Devil is a central character. It’s little wonder that if you draw The Devil in a psychic reading there may be sexual overtones. I’m normally circumspect about heading in that direction because I don’t want my clients to think I’m some sort of sexual deviate. Occasionally though the full meaning emerges and when it does, it is very devilish. I’ve had prudish clients wanting me to expand on the story with all the sexy overtones. And yes, even I’ve been known to blush!

The Sex Card of the Tarot Pack

Seriously though, The Devil is the sex card in the tarot pack. It represents all the good and bad things about sex. From heated passion, bondage and ménage à trios though to sexual violence, obsession and even sexual addiction. And, once again, it doesn’t matter who made the tarot card the picture and message is almost always the same. I talked to someone a few months ago and The Devil appeared. She was very open and insisted that I told her what it represented. And you know, she was not surprised at all, because years before she had been a prostitute, she had learnt a lot and still used the things she had learnt on and with her current partner. This woman wasn’t at all fazed by how candid I was, she liked her sex hot and she wasn’t afraid to talk (to me) about it.

The Devil can be at any level on the scale of hot sexuality. It just depends on how open the recipient is and if indeed sexuality if what needs to be discussed or outlined in the tarot reading.

The cards I’ve talked about above are the ‘biggies’ of tarot sex. There are many others that carry sexual connotations from time time, here are some that you might keep an eye open for.

5. The Knight of WandsKnight-of-Wands tarot sex

Here is the flirt and playboy/playgirl who enters, has a good time and leaves. Typically very passionate and lustful, but tie him or her down emotionally and they’re gone. This is a pity because they are full of sexual energy. They love having sex but once the interest is gone or a partner tries to ‘get’ him/her emotionally, they’re out of there.

6. The Startarot sex The-Star

You know how some members of the opposite sex just ooze sex appeal, don’t they? They look so sexy but they’re not necessarily beautiful? This is The Star. He/she has inbuilt sexual energy but interestingly, they’re not aware of it in themselves. In the emotional/spiritual sense, the persons outward sexuality is their shadow place, it’s something they do not see in themselves. What we have here is a pure connected type of person with transformative energy and who’s highly spiritual in nature.

7. The Eight of Wandstarot sex Eight-Wands

Watch this person, “give me sex now, and I’m out of here” would be the motto. This person would think nothing of having sex with four different people in a single day. He/She is never far away from someone of the opposite sex. Fun? Yes! Committed or faithful? No!

8. The EmpressEmpress tarot sex

If you want to think about fertility, think The Empress. This person is never a bad boy or bad girl. Just the person who may  land you in trouble (ie pregnant), so watch it. If The Empress appears in a reading, quiz your reader on it. It could mean, if you’re a woman, that you’re about to become fertile which means there’s a soul up there in heaven who has and eye on you as a parent.


There are your eight cards. Of course, there are many more.

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