Missionary Sex — Missionary Position — Sex in Tarot

Missionary Sex Four of Swords – I can’t help but think of the missionary position when I see the Four of Swords—missionary sex that’s become passive and routine.

I wonder if everyone goes through ‘mundane’ missionary sex periods in their long-term relationship. I rarely talk about it in psychic readings, but I often get left-field psychic messages that this is the case.

Ground rules.

Let’s get the ground rules straight. First, by long-term relationship, I’m referring to anything from five to fifty years and ‘mundane’ missionary sex refers to sexual boredom—sex has become wam-bam-thank-you-mam all over too quickly missionary sex or sex where it’s uninventive, passionless, no experimentation, no fondling, no fore-play (or wrong foreplay)—understand what I mean?

Look at the Four of Swords image, and you’ll see it illustrated. The woman (or guy) is lying on her back while the swords are penetrating her. Whether the blade is in her heart or vagina, it’s of little difference for her. And her mind wanders because all she can think about are things like; how uncomfortable it is, when it’ll be over, her work, what to cook for dinner, the kids, etc. She had so much on her mind. Oh, and notice she’s got a suit of chain mail on. How uncomfortable is this? From the man’s perspective, the chain mail represents frigidity and coldness. missionary sex missionary position

I don’t want to get cut.

This scenario can be a little hard to get through and move away from because the missionary position Four of Swords has a whip-lash aspect. The challenge is due to communication, or lack of it because when you have another look at the picture, you’ll notice three swords on the wall and one at the fingertips. The problem is boredom, and neither wants to do anything because of that fourth sword which expresses the thought, “I won’t say anything because I could get cut!”. Hence, a stalemate.

A woman’s nature.

Let’s look from the woman’s perspective for a moment. If we think about it, all the woman needs to do is move that left hand up to the handle of the sword below her and her world changes—she changes. You’ve got to remember the original nature of woman—her nature is not conflict or fighting, she hates that, but frequently that’s all she knows because those mental, conflicting swords have been hanging over her for most of her life.

Her true nature is softness, beauty, nurturing, emotional connection, captivating, non-confronting, expressive, laughter, creative, adorable and harmonious. But, when she displays this nature, she’ll drive her man crazy with his ‘wanting’ of her—consider where the real power lies in a long-term relationship…….

Another perspective

Let’s move to the next pic. Same card, missionary sex, Four of Swords, same artist (Ciro Marchetti), and a different take on the meaning.

Ciro Marchetti—She’s moved on.

In this case, there’s no chain mail—she’s open and vulnerable, or is she? What about those three swords by the feet and the sword under her? This scenario has a dangerous element because the swords at her feet are away from her—this person has moved on. That sword she’s sleeping on (is she sleeping?) won’t hurt her, but if she chooses, she can draw it out and use it, or if the prospective partner suits her needs, she can toss the sword away, turn over and take him.

Missionary sex missionary position

Feminine Power and Beauty

If this is a woman, she’s the epitome of feminine power and beauty. No missionary position, sexual boredom with her, she’s on top of it, and if she chooses, she can go all the way to the top in sex and sexuality. This is the woman who can wistfully be taken by her man (or partner) to physical orgasm (clitoral or vaginal) and then beyond to the stars and Universe. She knows her true orgasm is not physical—it’s of the mind. For her, at this level, spiritual tantric sex is her ideal.


What about us earthy mortals? Can we reach these heights?

Yes, you can, but you’ll need to want to let go of your sexual hangups about performance. You’ll need to be open to trust, to be touched all over the body, and, most importantly, to learn about intimacy. You’ll need to be able to freely talk to your partner and friends about what turns you on and what doesn’t. Most of all, you’ll need to learn patience because our original card referred to boredom, passiveness and routine missionary sex.

Could you turn it around?

You can turn your missionary sex four of swords relationship around, and to do so, whether you’re a boy or girl, you’ll need to take action. The ‘charged up’ version of the Four of Swords’ is fantastic; it’s adventurous, sexy, passionate, intimate and long-lasting.

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