Scratch an Itch — Sex in Tarot series: Friends with Benefits.

Trigger alert: Explicit sexual material 

To tell this Scratch an Itch story, I must relate something that happened to me and a client’s account. Years ago, I did a psychic reading for a woman in Sydney between relationships. I drove there from Canberra, did the reading and went on to lunch, where I received my Psychic of the Year award. The reading was nothing special for me. But it was for my client who invited me back for dinner at her place after my award function. This meant Middle Eastern food I love wasn’t out of the way, so I accepted.

The Two Examples

A woman regularly visits me for a psychic reading. She’s married, in her early 40s, has two children and has a lover. We regularly talk about her relationships with the two men in her life and how in some way, it all works. Her husband may or may not know about her lover — I suspect he doesn’t. She sees her lover once or twice a week to scratch their mutual and respective itches. It wasn’t until a few years ago, when I first did a psychic reading for this woman, that I realised and understood the energy behind her encounters with her lover and mine with my Sydney client.

Back to my Sydney invitation. Later in the day, I arrived at my Sydney client’s home. The energy had changed, and so had she — her clothes. She was dressed to entice and entice she did. We hugged and kissed; she reached for and held me; I fondled and did wondrous things to her whole body. But, I was torn between sexual lust and professionalism — she is a client — desire won out that evening. She drew something out of me I never knew existed, and it was beautiful. So, I arrived back in Canberra late that night with two appetites well taken care of.

Scratch and Itch Story Unfolds

On the drive home, I recalled our post-coital conversation. We both admitted how we enjoyed the evening of sex. She explained what it was like for her, and I told of my experience to her. What I loved was the free and easy way we talked—everything from sexual penetration, orgasms and oral sex to Middle Eastern politics and Islamic religion; after this encounter, I took a trip to Sydney every month or so for about six months. At this time, neither of us was in a relationship — we are now. And this is how this Scratch an Itch story started.

On the other hand, my married client still sees her guy every few days unless she’s away or he’s off visiting friends or family. He, by the way, is single. So during readings, we don’t need to discuss the fineries of what happens behind closed doors between her and her lover — we ‘know’. What we have discussed, though, is how this union lifts her in her public life and her relationship with her husband.

Two of Cups, Scratch an Itch Stories

These two stories are examples of the Two of Cups — Scratch an Itch sexual stories. By glancing at the first three images, you would never link the two stories above to anything highly sexual. Or would you? Cups, closed lips, crossing hands–who knows what this could lead to.
Scratch an Itch Friends with Benefits

Conventional images of Two of Cups

Friends with Benefits

What’s depicted is two people with lesser romantic intensity and a higher balanced friendship or union. It’s a 100% flat arrangement both people benefit from, and although not usually long-lasting, it can be fulfilling and highly beneficial to both. Neither wishes nor needs to commit to anything lasting, and both are happy to have their casual relationship until a Mr or Mrs Right comes along.

Remember, this may not be long-lasting, but it’ll certainly be fun, and something to look forward to, and the whole affair is marked by balance and equality — both want it — and, with the absence of deep emotions, it would be rare if either was hurt or felt they were being used. So, now, let’s take a look at the cards below. First, here is a highly sensual depiction of the Scratch and Itch, Two of Cups—nothing much left to the imagination here.

Scratch an Itch Friends with Benefits

Scratch an Itch: Friends with Benefits (the centre water (2) image represents sexual fluidity, diving to greater depths)

The positive bonding keywords and phrases for the Two of Cups rendezvous are penetration, passion, sexual union, easy orgasms (especially for the woman), vaginal penetration, mutual masturbation, mutual oral-genital practice, freedom in sex, and like sexual sympathies.

The Down Side

Every card has a yin/yang component, and the Two of Cups is no exception.

The friends with benefits, Scratch and Itch rendezvous, could become an addiction (hence the ‘scratch and itch’ metaphor). For example, if you wanted to stop, it could not be easy because of the excitement and thrill of the subsequent encounter. Also, if it did finish, the friendship, as it was before, would be challenging to maintain. There would always be a temptation to re-ignite the union. Moreover, the sexual relationship with the new Mr or Mrs would need to be good from the outset. You wouldn’t want to be having sex with your new partner longing for your Two of Cups encounter, so choose wisely.

If, during a reading, the Two of Cups appears reversed or is triggered by other negative cards, a very different outcome can occur. However, this is more to do with a current relationship, which may be ending if it’s a ‘friends with benefits’ situation. The negative, separating keywords include separation, divorce, infidelity, end of sexual union between two lovers, unkept promises (including promises of orgasm and sexual bliss), frigidity, and pretence of sexual prowess leading to sexual frustration.

So there you have it. During your next psychic tarot reading, watch out for the Two of Cups — you might be about to scratch your very own itch.

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