Fear of the Dark You

We have that saying, ‘When the chooks come home to roost’. My chooks came all at once a while ago. I ended up in the hospital with pancreatitis. It all worked out okay but the lead-up? In a word, pain. Surgeons snipped and removed my gall bladder, and I underwent significant emotional reinvention.

Today, I’m you’re coaching example, and I’m going to give you a couple of examples in the beginner’s guide to intelligent thoughts and empowering thoughts. The process pushed me to my version of the fear of the dark you.

Doctors and Hospitals

There I am in the hospital at 5:30 am and in pain. It’s been close to 24 hours of pain, and with that intense pain, I’m in fear. It’s difficult for me to move away from that fear. We both know that’s the nature of fear; it’s hard to control. I spent close to a week in the hospital; then, I was sent home. My initial thought is to begin doing real work on myself! I have to get my energy and mojo back.

A friend visited and gave me and gave it to me in no uncertain terms, “Andrew, do nothing. Rest. Your body knows its business!”. This is precisely what I would tell you. I neglected to say to myself. So, I rested.

After a week, I started to feel better, so I went ahead with a previously planned trip to Canberra. The idea is to meet clients, see friends and attend my daughter’s birthday celebration. I realise I Still have to be careful because I get tired quickly and suffer a bit of ‘operational by-product’ pain. I make the Canberra trip, head home to Brisbane, and I’m idling along nicely.

Now, could we quickly look over the process at work? This is the stuff that can help you.

Pain Can Cause Fear and the Fear of the Dark You

It doesn’t matter if you suffer physical or emotional pain. Pain is deliberating; it doesn’t matter if you’re suffering pain. If you feel fear, get help! You may think you can help yourself, and sometimes you can, but generally, you can’t. If you have intense physical pain? See a doctor. If your pain is emotional, see your practitioner or call me.

Fear of the Dark You

There is a reason for getting help. Pain and what it means to you sneak up on you. When you remain in pain, the dark you emerge, you become irrational, and you’ll likely become depressed.Fear of the Dark You : Your Beginners Guide to Smart Thoughts and Empowering Thoughts

Rest is real.

Sometimes, you can go on and on and on. Then, one day, you will need to rest because your body is exceptionally good at getting you out of things you don’t want to do. This is why I got pancreatitis. My body was telling me something.

My process was I rested. I saw clients, and then I slept. I often felt tired, listened to what my body told me, and relaxed. Incidentally, I’m lucky because when I see clients, they boost my energy. They got 100% of me, and I gave them total commitment. Then I rested.


Bright Thoughts are Empowering Thoughts.

As I was convalescing, I did not sleep well for weeks after my pancreatitis. I was up 10 or 12 or more times a night. The lack of sleep makes me tired and angry. Exhaustion does this. Then I wake up with an ah-ha SNAP; I get it. I’m mad because of my thoughts. My thoughts are negative; below-the-line ideas take control of me and are toxic.

Positive, empowering thoughts are like a glass of crystal-clear mountain water; they give us energy. Water gives us power; the more we take on, the better we feel. What could one drop of poison do to that water? Yes, it could kill us or make us Ill. This is the nature of my drama-glue thoughts. I had them, they were toxic, and they harmed me. Poisonous thoughts will hurt you too.Fear of the Dark You : Your Beginners Guide to Smart Thoughts and Empowering Thoughts

Do what needs to be done.

Lastly, I agreed to see clients after about a week of rest. I love the people who come to me, I’m committed to them, and I give them immense value in my service to them. In return, they pump me, make me feel fantastic, and yes, they pay me for my service, but payment isn’t what motivates me; helping them reinvent themselves does.

Do the things that rock you, and excite you if you’re energy levels are low. Then, let the good things get you back to being 100% supercharged. Seeing clients does that for me; computing, website maintenance, and administration do not.

Find what supercharges you and go and do it; let this motivate you to do the other less exciting things in your life. And soon, you’ll be doing those other things with the same energy as before.

I hope you have a fabulous day.


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