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Psychic Andrew Warnes

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Peak Performance Tarot Reader and Reader Therapist

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Psychic Andrew Warnes

About Psychic Andrew

Andrew Warnes was selected from thousands of Psychics in Australia in 2011 to audition for the Australian television 
show “The One”. In early 2012 he was awarded the coveted Psychic of the Year award.

Andrew is a highly sought-after Psychic with clients from Australia and worldwide. He regularly helps National and International decision-makers.

Andrew’s world is fun, loud, can-do, intelligent, considered, warm, friendly, and welcoming.


“Andrew will tell you what you NEED to hear, NOT what you want to hear.”

Meet Andrew: Your Guide to Essential Insights

Andrew is a unique individual with a distinctive perspective on the world and the universe. As a creator, he shapes the image of his reality and extends this creative insight to craft a psychic image tailored just for you. Brace yourself, though, because what he shares might align differently from what you want to hear. As Doug, one of Andrew’s clients, says, “It’s what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.” Please keep this perspective in mind before scheduling a psychic reading with Andrew.

Andrew doesn’t shy away from delivering potentially negative information. However, his creative approach interprets it as essential insights you need to hear. Your life might seem challenging, with negative experiences persisting for years, but Andrew envisions it as a unique journey rather than mere hardship. His pragmatic psychic abilities aim to help you navigate through these challenges, but you must believe in yourself and the messages he imparts.

Rest assured, Andrew is non-judgmental—there’s nothing he hasn’t heard. While you may find some of his revelations challenging, remember that he is your messenger, not the origin of your challenges.

After your psychic reading session, head home, relax, sleep well, and revisit your psychic reading audio in a few days. Keep listening, even if the insights are uncomfortable; therein lies your transformational change. Embrace the process; what you may not want to hear could be what you need to listen to for personal growth.

Before I went to my reading, I was a bit skeptical on doing it. Though I had a strong feeling for what I want, Andrew has showed me cards that has completely blown out my mind. I have used the reading as a guide to my life and it turns paths into reality.

It is great to sit down with someone and know straight away that they are the real deal. He gave information that was so accurate, about conversations I had the previous day it was terrific. I have had an aha moment after my reading and have realised how his prediction fits with my life and how it will come true. Fantastic

Are you prepared to do what it takes to get what you want? 

Andrew offers a unique approach when doing his readings. He is a professional specialist who provides a glimpse into the future with step-by-step guidance. Andrew strives to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

His method is straight to the point with a smattering of personal development to give you a strategy to change small things in your life. Then, incremental corrections lead to complete transformational changes in direction over the long term.

Andrew’s readings can be brutally honest. He’ll tell it as he sees it and warns you might not like what you hear.

about Andrew

Do you need support to take charge of creating the life you’ve always wanted?

Meet Andrew: Your Catalyst for Lasting Change

With a rich science and public service background, Andrew intimately understands the ‘dead end’ feeling many of us encounter. However, his transformative journey has equipped him with unique insights to integrate psychic readings and mentorship for profound, lasting change.

From his home in New Farm, Andrew offers a variety of psychic readings, including face-to-face sessions, Zoom meetings, and telephone consultations, making his guidance accessible to everyone. His expertise in training individuals in psychic awareness, using the Tarot as a powerful training tool, is a testament to his deep understanding and proficiency in this field. He regularly hosts dynamic workshops, demonstrating his commitment to sharing knowledge.

Andrew finds joy in a balanced lifestyle in the vibrant city of Brisbane, Australia. His days are enriched with meditation, invigorating walks, cycling, morning coffee, and lively community chats. This simple yet fulfilling routine not only renews his mind and spirit but also reassures you of his mental and physical well-being. Meditation, reading, and physical activities keep his intellect sharp and his insights profound.

Whether seeking guidance through a psychic reading or aspiring to develop your psychic abilities, Andrew is the perfect mentor to support your journey toward personal growth and lasting transformation. Experience Andrew’s unique blend of science, spirituality, and practical wisdom in each session, and embark on a path to uncover your true potential.