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Psychic Party & Intuitive Readings

Get ready to mingle and have fun at our Sip and See Psychic Party.


A Mystics & Mirth Collaboration.

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About The Event

Prepare to turn up the temperature at the Sip and See Valentine’s Day extravaganza!

Get ready for a night of electric vibes, hilarious banter, and a sneak peek into your passionate destiny. Immerse yourself in a world of allure and charm where you can spark connections and unlock the secrets of your desires.

Take advantage of this scorching opportunity to explore the endless possibilities ahead! Delight in an array of libations while engaging in captivating conversations and exhilarating activities.

Our event is designed to break the ice and create a welcoming atmosphere for everyone. You never know who you might cross paths with! Whether flying solo with your special someone or bringing your mates along, this unforgettable evening is your chance to let loose and potentially discover if that special someone is just around the corner.

Make sure to mark your calendar and prepare to sip, see, and socialise at the Sip and See Valentine’s event!


Free Drinks


Just enough yummy food to turn on your temtation buds


Melodic Magical Music to get those hips moving

The 2024 Mystics and Mirth Collaboration Startup Event

Who are we

We throw parties. Sometimes, they’re extravagant celebrations; other times, they’re intimate gatherings tucked away from the noise.

But no matter the size, we always focus on you – helping you create an extraordinary life through psychic readings, gentle coaching, and occasional nudges towards greatness.

We approach life with unwavering optimism, believing that a simple shift in mindset can empower us all to be our very best.

Get to know our incredible team

Discover the true power of diversity with our extraordinary team of psychics. Each member possesses a unique charm, making our lineup genuinely mesmerising. Let’s introduce a few of our exceptional psychics…

Regarding readings, Dasha is a force to be reckoned with. Her intensity cuts through to the core, combining her expertise as a professional psychic, scientist, and devoted mother.

Katharine, once entrenched in the family trucking business, now orchestrates it with a spiritual finesse. Messages from her elicit giggles; she unveils the universe’s wisdom like Post-It notes on foreheads.

Brace yourself for Helen’s first word, as her lightning-fast connection to your heart delivers messages that will leave you breathless. A genuine relationship psychic!

Prepare to be swept away by Lucy’s infectious love and charm. But don’t be fooled; she fearlessly speaks her mind when necessary.

And then there’s Deb, renowned for calling out the truth. Party attendees rave about her, saying, ‘If you can get a reading from that blonde woman, seize the opportunity!’

And the list goes on…

Meet us…


Fearless, Bold, Organised, Super efficient, and a cosmic expert. Cheryl is the unstoppable, dynamic force behind the Mystics and Mirth Collaboration.


Vivien, our resident Gold Coast psychic, not only lectures at the University on creative arts but also utilizes tarot cards to deliver awe-inspiring messages with her attentive approach. An awesome team member and loves talking about love topics.

Meet us…

Psychic Andrew Warnes Brisbane – tarot readings, psychic readings, clairvoyant, intuitive coaching mentoring, life direction readings.

Andrew (guy on the left)

With over 15 years of experience in tarot, psychic readings, and psychic awareness workshops, Andrew is a true master of his craft. His expertise extends to wordsmithing, with captivating insights.

Psychic Andrew Warnes


Rohanne, once a CSIRO scientist, now excels in a thriving Steiner biodynamic venture. Her retirement blends science and mystique. Unapologetically honest, she fearlessly evaluates relationships, offering candid insights and truths.



6:00 pm – 6:30 pm

Welcome to our special evening gathering! We’ll say hello and check you in.

6:30 pm

The excitement ignites! We’re poised to welcome you, thrusting a bubbly drink into your hand. Get ready because the thrill begins now! Cheers to the adventure! ?

9:30 pm

Games and readings end, but your night is a thrilling saga! Dive into the Valley’s pulsating venues, where excitement never sleeps. Adventure calls and victory awaits under city lights!

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We’ll Tempt You


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Psychic Readings

Gear up for an electrifying night! Three readings await – seize the moment, dive into the thrill. Don’t wait; be bold, chat, question, and own the spotlight!


Sip, savour, and celebrate at the bar! Bubbles, soft drinks, and a special cocktail await – the perfect concoction to elevate your mood for an unforgettable night! Cheers!


Indulge in a feast – not quite seven courses, but tantalising nonetheless. Tempting delights await, and perhaps oysters for a touch of passion? Let our culinary adventure ignite your senses!

Prices and Extras

Sip and See – where you shine as the star! Our price for games, surprises, and gifts galore, with a touch of mischief but niceness, is $175 (by online booking only, no tickets at the door). Unleash the fun; it’s your time to sparkle! ✨?

Bring or meet your special someone…

Join Us!

Event Info


February 17, 2024


EC Venue, 17 McLaughlan Street, Fortitude Valley, Queensland



6:30 pm – 9:30 pm

Host Your Own Event Info

Host Your Own Information

Let us ignite the party with cosmic vibes! Invite 10-20 guests to your cozy space.

Our psychics offer quick bites (15 minutes) and longer sessions (30 minutes).

For a group of ten, we’ll bring enough top-notch psychics for about 2 hours to keep the good vibes flowing while you party it up.

Host Your Own Party?

Want to add some magic to your next party or event?

Look no further than our psychic party entertainment! 

Our mystical mavens will leave your guests awe-struck with their spell-binding readings. From birthdays to engagement parties, corporate events or bachelorettes, we’ll help you create a night that’s pure enchantment.


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