You have got assets. Non-Financial Assets. Assets of a Woman. What is a woman’s greatest asset?

What is Grace?

Some women come to me for psychic readings with a unique ‘something’. I could call them a group, but they are not that. They have distinctive attributes. The youngest is about 25, and the oldest is the mid-fifties. I’ve never counted them specifically, but I suspect there are hundreds of them.

From my perspective, as a man, It’s a joy to talk to them. There is trust between us because we talk about anything. Their faith in me is because I never judge, and what we talk about never goes anywhere. I don’t even speak anecdotally about them except for this blog. Before I ask, ‘What is Grace?’ I want to talk about assets.

Trust Your Non-Financial Assets

The True Assets of a Woman Has Nothing to Do with Booty, Lipstick or Makeup.

Psychic Readings can be a load of fun, mainly when we discuss the assets of a woman. I like talking about women to women because I’m a man, and I frequently feel something special during the conversation. I am not talking about sex. It may be sex appeal, I think, but as soon as that woman leaves my consultation room, the feeling is gone. I prefer to call it energy.

If you come to me and we don’t have this ‘energy’, there’s nothing wrong. It will still be a fantastic experience, and you’ll still get great answers. I will answer “What is a woman’s greatest asset?” later.

First, you must realise you have got assets. You just never thought about the assets of a woman before. To be clear, I am NOT talking about booty assets, makeup or clothes.You have got assets. Non-Financial Assets. Assets of a Woman. What is a woman’s greatest asset.

What Do The Assets Of A Woman Look Like?

Your assets are not painted on you or written on a banner, and you don’t hear or see them. You can feel them, though, because when everything is working, you feel fantastic. Feeling fantastic about yourself is the product of your assets working for you.

Assets of a Woman Examples

Here is a list of traits that are internal to you. I call features like this your shadow. They are not harmful, dark, scary, or anything to be ashamed of. Your shadow is something about you that you can’t see. You can see or feel mine, and I can see yours, but I can’t see or feel mine. There’s always a block to seeing your true inner self. This is to be human.

  • You have humility, and with your humility is calmness.
  • There is respect for yourself and others, and you never feel inferior to others.
  • Your past is your past, and you know that there have been ups and downs, and these make you the person you are.
  • You are gorgeous, charming, nurturing, captivating, and sexy.
  • Protecting your own space is essential to you, so, consequently, you’re not into seeking attention except mutual attention from those you love and who are close to you.
  • You love to follow your heart which you allow to steer you in the direction you need to go. But simultaneously, you listen to your internal dialogue and your head.
  • Then there’s your passion for life and your ability to learn and grow.

There are many more traits, but lastly and probably most importantly, you need to be true to yourself.You have got assets. Non-Financial Assets. Assets of a Woman. What is a woman’s greatest asset.

What is a Woman’s Greatest Asset?

Everything I listed above folds neatly into grace.

You have grace. What is Grace?

Grace is your non-financial asset; it’s who you are.

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