How much time have you got?

Hear a lot about time, don’t we?

TimeI was talking to a friend the other day who has recently bought an up-market European sports car. He doesn’t say how much he paid, but I can surmise it would be over $80,000. This is most irregular for this friend because he is cautious with his money and prefers to live a quiet life. He also said how he and his girlfriend hopped in the car (not the sports car), drove to Sydney for the weekend, and hung out there. Finally, he said there was no time left. When he told me this, I nearly fell off my chair because it was so out of character. It got me to ask what got this friend out of his stay-at-home fog.

The Penny Dropped

A mutual friend died a couple of months ago. This friend found out he had cancer; three months later, he died.

It’s a blunt message.

No, we both know you’re not going to die. Well, you will one day, but not yet. However, you’re likely to agree that sitting around doing nothing is as good as dead. Think about how quickly the year is rocketing through. We’re racing through it, aren’t we? Now stop and consider how much you got done last week; when I say ‘got done,’ I mean ‘got done’ for YOU.

Take Action

No more procrastinating. If you procrastinate, you must take action to kick-start yourself out of it. There is no time left, and you also have other things to do.

So get up, switch off that TV, get out of that comfy chair, stop worrying about your work, children, partner and others who may judge you and do something.


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