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2020 was a year of unprecedented change, far beyond the immediate impacts of COVID-19, fires, and political unrest. It was a monumental shift, a once-in-500-year event depicted vividly by the Ryder Waite Tarot card, The Tower. This card symbolises profound transformations, not through directive narratives but as reflections of the energy currents shaping our world.

Understanding The Tower

The Tower represents a breakdown of lives built on materialistic values, whether an individual, a community, or an entire nation. It captures the swift, inevitable collapse of structures prioritising wealth and physical pleasure. This card doesn’t just describe personal falls; it resonates globally, much like the sudden fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.

Visual Symbols of The Tower

  • Grey Tower, Gold Crown: A grey tower symbolises self-imposed prisons, while the gold crown reflects arrogance. This imagery questions whether we are securing ourselves or excluding others.
  • The Explosion: External blame is a common reaction to personal crises. The Tower’s explosion represents external forces like job losses or societal disruptions, mirroring events like COVID-19 and natural disasters.
  • Drops of Fire: The yods, resembling drops of fire, symbolise potential grace amidst the chaos, urging us to choose transformation over destruction.
  • Background: The dark (but not black) background signifies unrecognized potential and ignored realities, emphasizing a lack of awareness beyond material pursuits.

All At Once: The Lightning Bolt

The Tower also personifies the sudden release of pent-up energies. Like a dam under pressure, societal or personal upheavals can burst forth unexpectedly, forcing a dramatic shift.

The Essence of Truth

Truth in the Tarot is layered and complex. It surfaces suddenly, testing our readiness to face it. The Tower’s message is about confronting these truths through personal loss or psychological upheaval.

Embracing Freedom

The storm symbolised by The Tower is not just destructive. It renews and energises, clearing paths for new beginnings and insights. Like a refreshing storm, it can bring enlightenment and freedom, offering a fresh start if we are prepared to embrace it.

This is the cycle of life—true freedom.

Psychic Andrew Warnes

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