You’ll Like Where This is Going….

Meet like minded people

Every thought how you would like to meet a group of like minded people? A Sunday afternoon–safe and protected, friendly, laughter, relaxed, intuitive, encouraging and supporting.

Our students are honing their psychic skills. Everyone does their thing differently……

The Best of the Best

People become psychic students for many reasons…..

Some want to become professional psychics, running their own business, but they want that little extra–they want to become the best of the best so they can help others.

Others want to mix their psychic ability into their current modality–energy healers, naturopaths, homeopaths, massage therapists etc.

Then there’s the joy of learning and doing something new. some people just want to hang out with like minded people.

These are the people who will give you a psychic reading (or two).

It doesn’t take long for these people to become exceptional psychics; everyone does it differently, but they’re  exceptional. This is why I call them “The Best of The Best”.

Get a Reading from one of our talented psychics.

And yes, Andrew joins in too. We try to keep readings to 15 to 20 minutes so everyone gets a readings (or two). As a visitor you get to see how we operate.

As the organiser, I try to give readings to visitors, but understand, I might not get through everyone.

Ever Thought That You Would Like to Do a Psychic Reading?

You can (if you want to). No pressure, loads of fun, and perhaps you might come up with a gem of information for someone. And dicover your own hidden talent.


First Sunday of the Month at 2:30 pm (till approximately 5:00 pm).


$50.00 For great readings, friendship and connection.

Student Psychic Fair

Progressive Modalities from Progressive Students

Booking is Easy

We gather at Andrew’s home in New Farm. The place is small and lovely; consequently, we can’t fit too many people in, after all, you’re having a psychic reading and we know you would like a bit of privacy.

We only accept 8 people to a fair plus students

Please book and pay online by clicking the Book Now button.

When you attend, we ask and invite you to stay on and chat over a cuppa or drink.


About the Psychic FAIR

My students become our ‘community’ who like to practice their modality. We call it our ‘refresh, learn more, get more‘ experience and it’s a ‘hang out’ opportunity. 

All psychics do their own different thing–it’s how the Universe works. One student sits and immediately goes to the depths of your soul, another uses a piece of jewellry (psychometry), while another, smiles and starts taliking–no cards–just gently talks with astonishing accuracy. 

We ask them to support new students, live a fantastic life, spread our intuitive psychic word and live in peace and harmony.

Next Fair…..

Sunday 6th June , 2021

at 2:30 pm

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