Be Aware; Unscrupulous People Commit Psychic Scams

Please don’t let it be you.

This morning I read an article in a reputable news source about a man in Sydney who was ripped off in a psychic scam. Unfortunately, the first connection between the scammer and the victim was on a busy street.

Here are some guidelines to ensure no scams happen to you–it’s worth a read.

General Information

  • No one should ever approach you without you asking. I always pick up messages about people; I never talk to them about what I have felt, seen, picked up, or heard; it’s none of my business. If someone knows I’m a psychic and wants to talk about it; they must make the first move. It’s their free will acting for them.
    I should have listened and remembered my rules a couple of years ago. A hairdresser at the time wanted me to do a reading for her; she locked her door, and I did a reading. Unfortunately, she was unprepared for what I told her about a recent relationship. There were two challenges (a) the space was not private, and (b) payment was a couple of free haircuts. Neither worked for me nor her.Please be careful if you’re in an environment with psychics around you. Psychics want to help; if they suggest they are picking up messages, they must ask you if they can share their information with you.
  • It’s not for a psychic to tell you about the demons surrounding you. There are many reasons people have life problems–it could be they are unlucky, and things go wrong; perhaps their astrology is not in their favour, or they were born into having a ¬†hard life. These challenges can contribute to mental health problems. However, mental health problems are not demons or negative entities. So if someone tells you about demons around you, walk away.


  • Your practitioner must be upfront about how they work. For example, when booking online, read their testimonials, and check if they have legal policies such as a Privacy and Refund Policy, Terms of Use, and a Code of Ethics.
  • Many psychics require a deposit. This is to ensure the bonafide and integrity of the booking.
  • Never pay full payment when booking, your psychic may ask for full payment just before a phone or video psychic reading because they don’t know you. This is acceptable.
  • If your psychic asks for your full name, phone number and email, give that information to them. Please don’t use an assumed name; use the name people usually call you by. Your psychic asks for honesty and integrity because that’s what they will give you.

The Psychic Readingschedule a psychic reading

  • A good ‘Don’t get scammed’ approach is to let your psychic do their stuff and pay the balance of your invoice at the end of the session.
  • Occasionally there is no connection between the psychic and the client. This is no one’s fault, and it doesn’t make the psychic bad at their job; if you’re not on the same wavelength as the psychic, ask to leave. Do it early, and you should not be charged.
  • Please be careful if the subject of demons, being possessed, or other negative esoteric topics arise during the reading. You may want a quick fix, and the psychic may want to help you. Ask what they will do; a psychic can rarely quickly fix something negatively profound within you. It takes time, and no one knows what’s happening. For example, I have been doing psychic readings for nearly 20-years and have never attempted to help someone possessed. I have been asked, but I will never try it.
  • A good psychic will offer to record (or even video) the session or suggest you record it on your device. If they object to recordings, walk away. There is integrity in a recording for you and your psychic.
  • Lastly, your psychic reading must be of value to you. If you’re new to your psychic or need help with how to proceed, please feel free to book the minimum (usually 30-minute) session time, and if you think it is of value, please ask if you can extend it. If the psychic can’t extend because of time restraints, please ask for another booking in a week or so.

Follow these Guidelines, and you’ll never get scammed.

Have an outstanding day.

Psychic Andrew Warnes

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