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Please NOTE : Andrew cannot see clients face-to-face until Friday 10th April (Good Friday) due to COVID-19 concerns. You can still book and talk to Andrew via phone, Skype or FaceTime.

About Andrew

Andrew has a different slant on the world and Universe.

He is a creator, he creates his own image of his world and he’ll create a psychic image of you too. You might not like the things he tells you because, as in the words of Doug, on one of his clients, “It’s what you need to hear, not want you want to hear”. Consider this before you book a psychic reading.

Andrew may give you negative information. But, his creative image will see it as stuff you need to hear. 

You’re life maybe crap. You may have negative things happening, week after week for years and years. Andrew sees another world. It’s not crap, it’s your journey. Andrew’s hard-nosed psychic ability may find a way through your crap. But, you must believe in yourself and in some of the things he tells you.

He will not judge you. You may not like what Andrew tells you, accept that he is your messenger—don’t shoot your messenger. Go home, relax, get good sleep and in a few days grab your psychic reading audio and listen again. Keep listening, your transformational change is in there, you may not want to hear it, but you need to hear it!

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As you Schedule Psychic Reading and book in, here are a few tips…..

  • We accept cash, credit card and direct bank credit.
  • In the 2nd window, please ensure you have set your time zone.
  • You will need to pay for phone readings before your reading—face-to-face readings can be paid by cash or credit card during your reading.
  • Our on-line booking system is safe and reliable. Payments and refunds are backed and guaranteed by our own buyer protection policy and we adhere to the Stripe Service Agreement.
  • In each window there are drop-down menus, pick the service you want.
  • If Andrew is not for you, tell him during the reading. It could be his style or the content—it doesn’t matter. Tell him early enough and it’s likely he’ll instantly refund you. Andrew does not refund after the reading. If you feel during the reading that you’re not getting value, you must tell him.
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