How Tarot Cards Work

The tarot is a psychic storybook, it’s a roadmap and a connection to the universe.

There is nothing superstitious, scary or ‘out-there’ about tarot-cards. You maybe someone with strong religious beliefs or a sceptic. Please keep an open mind and recognise that the idea of using one or more of the 78 coloured cards is not voodoo. 

Tarot cards are a tool.

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“On one level these cards are a rather strange coloured picture on a piece of plastic-coated cardboard, nothing more, nothing less.”

“On another level, you can recognise the cards as having their own distinct energy.”

That energy is relative to a particular person, event or situation at a particular time. Rather like walking into a Christian church and seeing a cross, a Jewish Synagogue with a Star of David or any other religious symbol.

Except there is nothing religious and spiritual about a tarot card.


A Tarot reading is a powerful tool for discovering insight into complex life. It can be used for self-improvement through benchmarking. By benchmarking, we mean establishing where the person is now and then moving onto what may transpire in the future.

The Tarot has benefits and limitations. While it’s a handy tool, it cannot solve all problems. Nor can it make decisions for you or tell you what to do.


A Tarot reading is a snapshot of the present and future all rolled into one by tuning into universal energies.

It’s a picture of unseen influences, patterns of behaviour, obstacles, and strengths. A tarot reading can give an idea of what’s happening now, the past, and some aspects of the future; and, with psychic tweaking, can outline a path of how to get there.

The Tarot gives suggested actions and likely outcomes. It does not, however, predict the future.

The future is not static or unchangeable; it depends on your free will. You’re making choices and decisions each and every moment of your life—whether you are conscious of them or not. Your gift of free will allows you the ability to create your own future. You can do this with the setbacks and ups and downs of life by muddling through or structure your direction by going for what you want.

With the insight gained through a Tarot reading, you will be better equipped to make decisions and take action that is in line with your best interests, growth and development.

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