A Psychic Party is Fun

You have fun, we do the work!

Pizazz For Your Party

We love a party. Everyone does.

When we come to your party, we leave you to have fun while doing fabulous readings for you. 

Hens night, engagement, birthday, or a fun get-together, preferably your venue, or we can organise somewhere for you.

The psychic party

How it Works

Organise your party as you normally would.

A party always has lots of people (but not too many), typically between six and twenty. 

You need some space for us to work—typically a couple of rooms (bedrooms, office, dining room, kitchen/family room). 

We’ll roll up, tell you about ourselves and get to work.

We’ll each do a few readings; some will be short (5-10 minutes), others longer (20 minutes). We keep them short so all your guests get at least a few readings. 

Typically, we will supply four or five professional psychics for a party of ten people, depending on their availability. 

Meanwhile, while we’re doing our readings, you have fun.

psychic party readings

Who are our Psychic Readers?

 All our psychics are graduates of my Psychic Awareness and Tarot Workshop series. They are all professionals who love their work.

Some have recently graduated, while others are seasoned psychics. We’ll leave it to you to work out who’s who, and I bet you won’t be able to tell.

Oh, and I usually come along as a token male tarot reader.

We’d Love to Do It for FREE, But……




Our fees are $60 per person for a party of six or more and $75 per person for less than six people.

For groups larger than twenty, please get in touch with us for pricing information.

If you have a limited budget for a group of six or more, and more people plan to attend, you will need to arrange how to organise them. Our cost for six or more people is $60 per person, and you must ask your guests to pay. Alternatively, we can cap the readings at six people.

While we ensure that each person receives more than one psychic reading, we cannot guarantee that each person will receive a reading from all of our readers.

If the event is located outside of Brisbane, such as on the Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast, there will be an additional charge of $5 per person for travel expenses.



Having a party, let's get some info....

15 + 4 =


Secure your Psychic Party with a Deposit.

  1. We require a deposit to secure your booking.
  2. We require 4 Days notice for all cancellations.
  3. We reserve the right to use your deposit as an admin fee.
  4. If you don’t notify us of changes or are uncontactable we reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee of $120.
  5. We try to send phone, email and text reminders; however, reminders are sent as a courtesy only and are NOT a condition of your booking.