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From the booking process to arriving at the door, I was made to feel comfortable and at home. I enjoyed every moment of the reading with accurate reading on myself to clear scope on my questions. I left the session feeling happy, refreshed and curious of what future holds. Thank you Andrew

Rei Rom Avatar Rei Rom
September 12, 2023

Psychic Andrew is a true gem in the world of psychics! Unlike many others out there, he is refreshingly down to earth, honest, and straightforward. He doesn't sugarcoat things and really tells it like it is. I appreciate his authenticity and the insights he provided during our session. I highly recommend Psychic Andrew to anyone looking for a genuine and reliable psychic experience.

Jacqui Dunstan Avatar Jacqui Dunstan
May 21, 2024

I had a zoom reading with Andrew and found him to be immediately friendly and engaging. He was direct and to the point, and answered my questions in a meaningful way. An enjoyable experience.

Hilary Royes Avatar Hilary Royes
July 16, 2023

Just finished the tarot reading workshop series. It was such a great program. So many new skills and Understanding, and Andrew creates a brilliant community. Highly recommended.

Cheryl McKenzie Avatar Cheryl McKenzie
August 19, 2023

Andrew was awesome & completely spot on ! Andrew is extremely welcoming & warm by nature so you feel comfortable as soon as you arrive. There were lots of laughs and he is very good at providing extra information or advice from his own experiences which I particularly loved. I highly recommend Andrew if you are wanting a very genuine reading with alot of moments that will make absolute sense only to you ! I was very happily surprised how accurate he was and was able to get some answers to alot of questions I had. Do yourself a favour & catch up with Andrew .. you definitely won’t be disappointed! 🙂

July 2024

Thanks Andrew. You rrally have lifted my spirits and made my day. You have also reminded me that I have value in the workplace.

February 2024

Hi Andrew, thanks I always find our sessions quite enlightening and helpful in providing some guidance. Interestingly you were spot on with my son being stressed and having a significant change coming, he decided to break up with long term girlfriend this week. Cheers I…..

January 2023

It is a wonderful journey for me. Plz forgive some of mistake on my grammar. Anyway, I felt lost before I told to Andrew. Now, I feel so great and confident after the reading. It is very detailed description about my future. I was confused about my future job. But, It really give a good energy and I become more optimistic of thinking my future after the reading! I really appreciate Andrew!

December 2023


I thought I would also provide a little update while I’m here, checking in! 
Pretty much everything you have said and what the cards has revealed so far have been true or come to fruition – I definitely feel ace of swords now and ten of wands last month, work has been hectic (that’s why February/March death card has got me shaking in my boots a bit) – considering we have booked our trip to the US/CAN ?. Anyway I hope we have a good time. 
I have been trying to get a couple of my friends to come see you for some guidance. I think they could really benefit from talking to you (because I do!). I will keep working on them and fingers crossed I can get them over the line! 
December 2023

Thank so so so much! You are truly amazing and gifted and I can’t thank you enough for all the messages!!

November 2023

Andrew has an incredible gift and a wonderful personality. I couldn’t be happier with my reading and conversation with Andrew. Spot on!

October 2023

I have a more clear direction with my futures and feel more confident with my decision in life.

September 2023

The reading was spot on about my life personality traits and road blocks. The experience was authentic.

August 2023

Andrew’s reading was incredibly insightful and gave me clarity on a few things that had been really troubling my mind. It was greatly appreciated and I will definitely be back for another reading in the future.

August 2023

Andrew was very relatable and welcoming. His approach to his session was great with explaining the meanings behind the cards that were drawn. The recording of the session is also great as reflecting on what was said and spoken about can be revisited at any time.

June 2023

I thought Andrew had a very calming effect on me. He’s very intuitive and provided a lot of comfort in my distress. He provided answers to my questions that helped me through this troubling time in my life.

May 2023

I would recommend Andrew to anyone. Andrew was extremely open, clear with the information on the reading. Will definitely be returning in 12 months to check in. Many thanks.

May 2023

Andrew has a wonderful energy and made me feel very comfortable through out the reading. He was very accurate on where I am in my life right now and provided wonderful insight into my potential future – which is exciting. Its up to me now, to take action and realize my Destiny. Thank you Andrew, I will be recommending you to friends.

May 2023

Andrew is a lovely man, I felt very comfortable and calm while he was reading my cards.

May 2023

Just when I thought things couldn’t be weirder or worse. Then an email from you pops up. The timing itself was interesting… And I hate signs like that, they keep me up at night. Hope to elaborate on that soon.

April 2023

Andrew is so lovely and immediately put me at ease. He is very welcoming and insightful into the cards that were turned during my reading. As a new customer I found the recording of our session really helpful in reinforcing what I heard as there was a lot of information. Thanks Andrew, I will be a returning in the future 🙂

March 2023

Andrew was great, very thorough and reassuring the whole reading. He put so much into perspective for me and my year ahead which has helped alot with my over thinking and made me look forward at whats to come.

February 2023

Andrew gave clear guidance and comfort in his reading. He was able to pin point and detail specific events with certainty and clarity.

February 2023

The first thing you notice when you first meet Andrew is that he radiates warm, calming and friendly positive energy, and this immediately puts you at ease. You feel welcomed in the psychic space and also receptive for the session. This is great especially for first timers like myself, that aren’t sure what to expect! Andrew is professional but personable, and delivers the reading in a way that is somewhat conversational and makes it easy to understand and follow, and by the end of the session you feel like you’ve learnt so much about yourself! I would highly recommend it. It was such a wonderful experience, thank you Andrew.

February 2023

I received a correct reading from Andrew in my first session. Despite, it was a bad news for me, I did not expect an unreal readings (sic). Thank you Andrew for your help in the most difficult part of my life.

January 2023

Andrew was such a beautiful soul. Greeted me with enthusiasm and that’s how it stayed until the reading was over. Very clear and concise open to questions and have great insight into what I wanted to know. Highly recommend.

January 2023

Andrew was kind and helpful. He put things more in perspective for me. He gave me insights and pointed me towards the tools I need to bring more spirituality into my days.

January 2023

Love how honest and to the point Andrew was with me. I can tell he is genuine and defiantly cares for all his clients:) Amazing experience.

December 2022

Andrew was right on the ball with everything that’s going on with my life atm. And a few things Andrew mentioned that blew me away. I’m looking forward to the rest of the things Andrew said.. and it’s going to go my way. Thankyou so much.. I feel so relieved.. Want some guidance and reassurance please go see Andrew.. You won’t regret it. Thanks again Andrew , you will see me again.?

August 2022

After listening to it again, I felt that you may have been picking up on the energy of the H……….. which was my previous reading – that they are disorganised, not a good company etc!  Well H……… has fallen in a heap due to the crypto crash and stopped paying out several months ago (which I didn’t know as I was only expecting to withdraw money come July), hence I have to start job hunting!  


Regarding the job I have applied for, you told me that I need to speak to them, well lo and behold about 30 minutes after the reading, I got a call from them telling me that I would be getting an interview!  Awesome.   And that has never happened before to get a call telling me I would be getting an interview!

July 2022

My reading with Andrew was amazing! He’s incredibly welcoming and makes you feel relaxed immediately. He went into a lot of depth with the reading which I was incredibly happy about, in the past my experiences with other psychics they haven’t gone into as much detail as Andrew did. He explained everything really well during the reading, and answered all the questions I had. I would highly recommend him to anyone!

March 2022

The reading with Andrew gave me a strong sense of confirmation that I was on the right path in my life journey. He was able to guide me around some important decisions in my life and helped me to get a sense of greater clarity and confidence that I was making the right decisions. Andrew is very warm, intuitive and perceptive. He explained things very well and through the skilful use and knowledge about the Tarot he broke things down in details and sought clarification when needed. I left feeling more confident and very grateful for his advice. I will be definitely be coming back for ongoing readings. He is spot-on and has a gentle and beautiful way in communicating. Such as spiritual gift. Thank you Andrew.

November 2021

Hi Andrew,

Whilst doing something not particularly exciting at work today, I decided to listen to my reading you did for me in early April.

Well, bloody hell you didn’t miss the mark by much…or really anything. Very scary to be honest.

I’m now sitting in T……… doing a job I like with a bunch of good people. I’m stuck with the transport industry but now I work for a company that designs the systems. I have to be honest, I got everything I wanted and it was very easy to get.

I left Brisbane in September and I was able to transfer my job here. I even had luck with my lease and not having to pay penalties. I did, mind you, get done on the house I bought with the previous owner either taking something or breaking something to the tune of …..(large amount–ed). Unfortunately I have no comeback but I’m sure karma will get her.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that you were on the money.

November 2021