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Travel, Moving—It’s all Movement

You may see it differently. But, whether you’re moving across town or the globe or going on an adventure holiday, camping, driving, flying—we see it all under the same banner.

Movement engages energy within us—some have to drive themselves, others, it comes easy. You may be like me, I travel easily and move house often, but it’s no big deal for me.

Every one of us has an ‘escape’ energy within

I ask people, “Do you travel often?”. Some say, “No, but I’d love to!”.

These are the people who, after a conversation, set off a spark somewhere within them. It’s enlightening to receive an email and pic from an exotic place somewhere in the world. They did it!

Others have lived in the same house for years, and there’s an impulse to move.

‘Escape’ energy can be challenging. You want to move house desperately. It doesn’t happen—things go awry—your buyer pulls out, the timing is not right, can’t get an agreed price! There’s a reason. Attachment.

One side of the brain wants this, the other side, not-so-sure.

The Psychic Reading

 We unpack it.

Travel is easy; it can be a yes/no answer. And even a ‘NO’ answer is more of a ‘WHEN’ answer. So here’s the rub—if it’s in your destiny to travel (already said you have an ‘escape’ energy within you), you will travel.

What do you think about the obstacles? Money, children at school, work commitments, who to travel with etc. You need to get it; those things you call obstacles are your limited mindset. We unpack it.

Moving house. Where to live. The sale, finding another rental, timing, or the ‘big one’, why move?

People move houses for the wrong reasons. Ironically, most travel for the right reasons.

People move expecting something better—at the coast, in the hinterland, on their acres, in their new townhouse. We unpack it. You may need to change your mindset first.

It’s all an adventure.


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