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Balance all. Live the cliche.
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The Cliche

Everyone knows our minds, bodies, and spirituality need to be balanced. I don’t do it; you don’t. Nobody does. So it’s a clique.

Your health is holistic. There’s more to it than ‘eat well, stay fit, don’t smoke, watch the alcohol, no fast food’. Why do some people live the perfect life and have many health challenges? Why did the guy I used to work with years ago eat pizza and hamburgers, Coca Cola and never have a sick day in his life?

Your health is yours. Just like your weight, outlook on life, how much you laugh, how much you worry, and how hard you work are all you. 

Line Between Western Living and Universal Energy

In readings, I draw an imaginary line across the table. On my left is how we live in the West—science, productivity, consumption, etc.; on the right of the line is the energetic field—the realm of the energy worker, the naturopath, acupuncturist and what I do as a psychic.

Look at both sides of the line.

Doctors, specialists and modern medicine are amazing. The advances in 20 years are incredible. So if you have an illness, see your doctor and specialist. Get the tests. Work on it.

The traditional forms of medicine (the other side of the line) are similarly fantastic. They heal but are slower and more wholesome. And they’ve been around a lot longer—5 or 10 thousand years.

The mix is when your natural therapist sends you to your doctor for a blood test and asks for the results.

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Are you ready?

A psychic reading won’t “fix” you. It won’t give you any ‘quick’ fix remedies. But……..

There are basic things that many of us have become accustomed to.

Like accepting it is customary not to sleep well. Huh? Excuse me!

Or it’s ‘normal’ to worry about weight loss? For example, I’m overweight, don’t worry about it, and I live a great life.

Or, it’s ‘normal’ to be so busy with family, work, children, and parents that there’s no time for you.

Simple things

I will tell you simple things. Something you may think needs to be more complex.

What is that lower back pain that doctors and surgery can’t fix?

That abdominal pain.

And the big one. Why can’t she get pregnant?

Why do I get calls three or more years later telling me what I said worked? After years in this business, nothing surprises me.

The simple things are good sleep, looking at weight loss, and stress (how busy you are).

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