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How you interact. What you take, what you give.
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Complex Spectrum

Interactions between families, children and friends are a complex spectrum.

You have qualities others find perplexing; accept it; you’re not always right—others are not always wrong either.

Here’s a given fact, ask any parent…….

You will always love your children twice as much as they love you! 

Is there an answer

When contemplating your life, you’ll realise the genuine friendship children and grandchildren experience is always incomplete and open-ended. Disputes, disagreements, greed, and fears are rarely resolved.

All that will matter is…

Did I learn?

Did I love enough?


One day, a long time away, you’ll contemplate your life and run through the things that matter. You’ll flick through your children, grandchildren, and perhaps, great-grandchildren. You’ll think beautiful thoughts…..

Other thoughts will arise. As questions…..

Am I labelled by being a mother (or father)? A wife. A husband/partner?

You’ll do everything to make these people happy and good people, but you’ll always need more time to complete. Having children will never satisfy you!


I just wanted to let you know that friends won’t complete you either.

Your best attribute toward friends is to be friends—laugh, cry, be angry, sad.

They’re friends.


That’s the finality…..

What’s real now…..

Answers. Destiny.

Answers about your partner, your children, your grandchildren and others…….

What will my granddaughter be like in 50 years? What will she be doing? That’s destiny…..(and I know she’ll be okay).

In psychic readings, we look at children, families, the oddball grandson, and the high-achieving daughter…..

The first pass question is, “Will I have children?” (Andrew is astonishingly accurate on that), as well as all the other questions about family, children and friendships.

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