What’s with all the stuff going on? Privacy Issues — Unrest and Disorder

I’ve had emails and conversations with people about all the stuff that’s happening at the moment. And by ‘stuff’, I mean Privacy Issues — Unrest and Disorder in the form of earthquakes, privacy, and global unrest. So it goes down to your ‘stuff’, the crap you’re going through at the moment.

Well, my first comment is, “Get used to it!” It won’t go away.

What’s with all the stuff going on? Privacy Unrest

Have you noticed how quickly we’ve sped through this year? It only seemed like a few weeks ago, I was telling people about what the year would be like, and here it is, nearly May.

Privacy Issues — Unrest and Disorder: Think this way

What I’d like you to do is think about it this way when privacy Issues or unrest and disorder affect you. So let’s put it this way: what would happen if you got all the emotional stuff going on around global issues, such as political changes in the Middle East and all the natural disasters and squeezed them into a tighter timeframe?

You would have the perception that there is more happening, wouldn’t you? For example, 200 years ago, we seemed to get an earthquake every 20 years; now, we’re getting one every three months.

Privacy Issues --- Unrest and Disorder

Unrest and Disorder in your Personal Life

Add to this your own life, and you get some exciting things to happen. But, when it comes down to your singular personal form, it becomes very relevant in day-to-day living. In my Psychic Andrew Warnes practice, I see your stuff manifesting in your relationships. The relationships I’m talking about are with our loved ones, work colleagues, friends, bosses, and anyone we have daily dealings with.

Were that Unrest and Disorder my doing?

And it’s here that things get tough because, in our society, we tend to externalise relationship challenges that come our way. So we need to take a step back and look at ourselves and ask ourselves,  “Was this of my doing?” to which we may answer, “Maybe.”

But what about that earthquake or war in Syria? Would you happen to know if this was your doing? No, of course not. All you need to do with these global events is examine your life and where it fits into the event, nothing more. Slow down and take the time to think about yourself for a few minutes. When there is an earthquake, flood, wind etc., think about how it affects you. Does it affect you? The fact that you watch the broadcasts on TV is that helping you cope? Would you like to watch that detail? I would say no. You don’t (It’s why I don’t watch TV or read newspapers, except to read the Comics, hooray for Kelvin and Hobes).

Relationships: Be Happy

And the same goes for your relationships with partners, friends, colleagues, etc. Most of what they do is something other than your business. All this emotional drama you have in your life comes about because you meddle in other people’s business. So, be kind to yourself. If someone tells you something, think about the consequences for you (not them) and be as positive and happy that these people are a part of your life and how lucky you are to have all these fantastic people in your life!

Modern World: A Final Thought

I often think about the modern world and its excellent communication systems. They are unique, TV news almost as it happens, the internet, phone systems, incredible! These systems switch us straight through to what’s happening in the world instantly. Then I think about global communications from 50 or 100 years ago. If there were a tornado in the mid-west of the USA, I wouldn’t hear about it for weeks or even months. Most of the damage would have been repaired before I heard about it. There wouldn’t be much scope for personal involvement then.

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