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 Miracle Woman — Wonder Woman

I want to thank many fabulous women; to me, each is a wonder woman. I’m going to mention two, although there are more. Both have seen me twice in the last two months—both were stressed, in pain and upset about their relationships; the second time I saw them, and one was only after two weeks; well, I’ve always believed miracles happen. So that’s why I think as well as being Wonder Woman, they are each a miracle woman too.


Two Different People: Miracle Woman

The circumstances around each case are different; the results are not.

They had different ages and backgrounds, and neither wanted to let their partner go. However, what made them Wonder Woman was that they decided to do something after they saw me.

You’re immediately going to think they confronted their partners and took their respective partners off to counselling and mediation. You’d be wrong; they didn’t, because incredibly, neither even mentioned me or talked about their relationship challenges to their partners.

They acted and took action on themselves. Each made a decision………

So, where did I, as their psychic come in?

All I did was tell them as I saw it. In other words, I told them their respective relationships were in peril and they would be in trouble if the thing didn’t do something. I also told them that they would likely split from their partners. One is in a long-term relationship with her husband; the other, and much younger, is in a relationship with a guy about her age.

wonder woman miracle woman


I’m in absolute awe of these women because, firstly, they accepted and went away with a couple of ‘how-to-win-their-lover’ tips. This was great for them. But the big thing that set them apart was their ability to take action. I told them how to act empowered, loving, nurturing and femininely. Admittedly, it was from my male perspective, although that didn’t seem to matter because they got the gist of what I was talking about.

Risk for our Wonder Woman

When you travel along a particular route in your life and want to change direction, there will always be a specific risk. However, if it’s a significant directional change, it’ll likely have more considerable risk.

Each wonder woman was willing to take a risk, which is why they, in my mind, became a ‘miracle woman’ as well. Neither knew what the outcome of their decision to split from their respective partners would be like or how it looked. Neither had an image of what it would look like, and they did it anyway. It worked because they to took a risk.

Call to Action

Act as the successful, beautiful, stunning, nurturing, feminine woman you are deep down. Embrace the feeling………

And within a couple of days, fantastic things begin to happen.

Long-Term Success?

I don’t know if what these women have done is long-term, it may last weeks, months or years. Only time and the Universe will determine that; they both admitted wholeheartedly that it was worth the effort.

Sounds too easy.

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