Kids are Free and Easy: Kids and Passion

When you’re at your local shops next, buy coffee, sit down and watch people. Especially watch kids. I found myself at my local shops the other day, and it was after school, and about 20 kids were running around, laughing, and generally having a ball. There had so much energy.

Kids Childlike Wonder: It’s so free and easy

As I watched them, I was reminded how carefree and easygoing kids can be. They don’t worry about the day-to-day stressors of their lives; even if they do, they move from one emotion to another effortlessly and within seconds. One minute they’re talking to a parent; the next, they’re running here and there, and then, within seconds, they’re playing with a friend.Kids and Passion : Childlike wonder : It's so free and easy

You were like this once, remember?

Where did your child-like sense of fun, innocence and spontaneity go? It’s this energy you need to tap into every day. The thing these children have is passion. They don’t have the stress of their daily grind.

Kids grow and become more and more influenced by their parents and peers. Then, their world starts to close in, and they unintentionally learn to put up emotional barriers to ward off the negative stressors that bombard them every day.

The solution is complex.

Bring Childlike Wonder into Your Life

Your stress and resistance can be broken down easily but may require help. It’s a case of believing you can bring this playfulness into your life and taking action to do it. You get that wonderful carefree life of passionate laughter and fun back. You’ll argue that being sensible and stressed is normal. This is okay; we must grow, get practical, and learn about what the world offers. We can’t expect to be protected forever and have to live with boundaries.

Those boundaries cause me to go “EEEK” because they steal your passion. I know you have objections. I hear them, “You don’t know what it’s like”, “I don’t have time to go and play, I have things to do, and they’re important”, and “Those barriers I put in place protect me”.

Barriers are for Kids and Passion

You’re happy the way you are. GREAT. That’s so cool.

But what if you could be happier? For example, what if you’re in pain and are afraid to admit it?  What if you’re locked into something in your life and don’t know how to escape? I’m a psychic, and I see and help people like you daily. You come to see me because you want that unique pill. You’d love to find that thing that starts with somehow reinventing something within.

Being Free and Easy Comes at a Cost

Learning how to play and have fun comes at a COST. Remember when you were in your teens? It was easy to get passionate then. The boyfriend (or girlfriend), the car, the holiday, school (maybe not), the environment, helping people, sport-footy, and watching your footy team win! Your passion? Where is it? Who stole it? You did it; it happened to me too.

Your boundaries, those blocks you have in place, are linked to your rules. We all live our lives by our rules. Practices are where our day-to-day conflicts come from. I have a rule that a bit of a mess in the kitchen is okay; you like spotless. I leave a lot, and you get angry. Bingo, we have conflict and then divorce: pesky little varmints, those boundaries.

Could you think about what happened to those childhood and teenage passions?

And the kids at the shops? They’ll be there this afternoon. Passion for life, enjoyment for just being. They don’t think about it; it’s just there, naturally.

Have a fantastic day,

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