Heal Yourself — No Pain — Pain Purpose

Or “Ouch. What did I do to my wrist?”


Andrew Warnes

Heal Yourself --- No Pain --- Pain Purpose

We’ve all done it; we’ve woken up with pain somewhere, such as sleeping in an awkward position so our neck, arm or leg is sore from an ache or stiffness.

Ouch, What did I do to my wrist—no “No Pain” here

A few days ago, I awoke with a stiff, slightly painful wrist. When I awoke, it wasn’t that bad; I’d call it a mild discomfort. One of those quieter days allowed me to take the morning off, so I decided to do some gardening chores. But then, during the evening, that mild discomfort had turned into what I’d call “friggin’” painful. I began to think that maybe I had broken something.

I got almost no sleep during the night because the pain was getting the better of me. So yesterday I went to the doctor because it was so painful I couldn’t do anything with my right hand.

Now I rarely go to the doctor, not because I’m stubborn or stupid, but because I never need to because I believe I’m blessed to have spectacular health. In this case, the doctor’s response would be what I would call ‘normal’, and I was correct. He suggested I purchase a splint to immobilise my wrist and take some anti-inflammatories to help the swelling. The doctor said I’d overworked the tendons in my carpal tunnel and that it was painful and all would be better in a week or so.

As I write, the pain has almost gone today, two days later. Unfortunately, I’m still wearing the splint, and the box of anti-inflammatories is unopened. (Yep, for me, they were a complete waste of money).

Heal Yourself — No Pain — Pain Purpose

What fixed it? This is where the miracle of our body becomes evident through the ‘Heal Yourself — No Pain — Pain Purpose’ mindset because I decided to do ‘my’ stuff on it. “My stuff” included a small list of things that took no time, no pain and an understanding of pain’s purpose.

When you have an illness or injury and want to heal yourself, ask yourself what the pain’s purpose is. Is it real damage, such as a break or something that needs an operation? Then, go to a doctor and get it fixed. On the other hand, if it’s something like my injury, think about the following…..

Positive Attitude

Can you give yourself a positive attitude that you’ll all be fixed up and normal in a day or so? Great, you’re halfway to fixing yourself. Next, and this is a little weird, ask your subconscious healing team to go to the injury and do its work to fix it. Remember, we are our minds and can do pretty much anything.

I ask my internal work team to go to the injury and do their work. The work team includes people and critters with jack-hammers, spades and shovels, fix-it people, doctors and anyone else I can imagine who might go to the injury to help it.

That’s what you can do. For my wrist, I had a couple of other things that I did…

  • I’m a reiki channel, so that’s what I used,
  • Years ago, a Chinese therapist introduced me to a Chinese remedy called Wood Loc, which I used on it.
  • And lastly, I took it easy and rested, and that’s all I did.
Heal Yourself — No Pain — Pain Purpose: Use it on anything.

This injury could have been anywhere on my body, or it could have been a mental or emotional problem. So you would ask, would there have been a difference for me? No. I’d use similar techniques.

Have you ‘something’ going on—mind pain, emotional pain, physical pain?

Grab what I did, adapt it to you and fix your problems yourself. Get yourself checked out by a professional and be responsible for your health. Learn to trust that your healing comes from within you.

The next time you have an injury or pain, ask yourself this…….

“Now that pain or injury has gone, who healed it?”

Yep, you did!

Fix that injury. Quick, easy, and no pain killers.


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