Give to Receive Internet Business or Not

How Internet Business Works

I want to discuss giving and receiving from a holistic perspective, not the usual business focus.

If you have an internet or any other business, the experts tell you you need to give value to sell. For the internet business, it’s often in the form of free stuff given out to obtain your email address. Most web businesses do this, and it’s pretty legitimate.

All Businesses Give to Receive

Other businesses do the same thing, and their ‘free stuff’ may be an extra unique service or offering a product or service at a significantly reduced price. Businesses are trying to give something so that, in your eyes, the buyer, you will trust and like them. Generally, you purchase based on those criteria because you trust and like them. It’s a sound formula because emotion plays a part in every purchase we make.

Try to Give Value

In my business, I’ve always tried to give away as much as possible (i.e. this blog). To take it further, I’ve always tried to give the best value during my personal development and psychic sessions. In other words, I try to give more than is expected. That might be in the form of spending that extra 15 minutes with the client. On the other hand, it could be suggesting someone else who could help and sending the recorded version of the session to the client free of charge.

Give to Receive in Everyday Life

Over the last few weeks, I’ve become conscious of this trait in others. Of course, I’m talking about everyday life with my friends, clients and colleagues. But, of course, once you get used to noticing these traits, you also see when they are missing.

Give to Receive | Internet Business

A Typical Scene

I was in a coffee shop, and I placed an order. A very abrupt woman took my order. There was no smile and hardly a thanks. A disinterested young man delivered my coffee. Later, the woman who took my order took my money with the same attitude. Am I happy? Yes, because these people won’t ruin my day. Will I go back to that coffee shop? No, because I love good service.

The Better Side

On the other hand and from a different quarter which will later be an internet business. One of my exceptional mastermind group members has had incredible growth within herself lately. She has a dream, and she’s articulating that dream into a spectacular grand dream goal. In the meantime, she realises she has to fund this goal and has started her business, which is now rapidly expanding. I hear week after week the little extra things she does, most of them unconsciously, to value-add to give her family and clients that little difference. My friend has realised that, ultimately, the world will treat her more or less how she expects to be treated. So, consequently, by giving that little bit more, she receives that special something back in return.

Give to Receive. For Business Only, Is It Limiting?

I mentioned earlier that people like to do business with and refer to people they know, like and trust. This is a limiting idea. My belief goes beyond business because this rule applies to all our life experiences. One of the charming aspects of my mastermind friend’s story is that it’s not only her business doing well; it’s her whole life. It’s her relationship with her husband, children and friends. And it’s because she decided to give that bit more of herself.

Call to Action

Over the next few days and weeks, consider how much you give and expect to receive in return. Would you happen to know if you always wish to receive it? And if so, do you receive less than you would like?

“Your true worth is determined by how much more you give in value than you receive in payment.”

So, ask yourself, “Does what I am doing serve or add value to others?” In other words, “Am I exceeding people’s expectations of what they expect from me?”.

Moving into this mindset may take a few days or even weeks, and you will see spectacular results when you do.

Remember, the sky is the limit. Then above that, the universe starts.

Have the best outstanding day,


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