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A beautiful young woman came to see me for her annual yearly ‘top-up’—asking how her year will pan out, what she can expect, whether it’ll be a better year than last year—the usual new year resolution stuff; she was stuck in a rut wanted to get out of her rut.

After a couple of minutes, stuck in a rut, the problem bubbled to the surface. A few years ago, she decided she wanted to become a pilot. It all started ok, then last year, it all went sour. She couldn’t break out and do what she needed to do. It wasn’t the money, plenty of that, and she had money put aside; nothing worked, and she couldn’t motivate herself to ‘get up and get going’.

Late last year, she became desperate and frustrated. She was stuck in a rut because everything went against her. They weren’t big things, just things like her daily mundane stuff and crap in her job. She began to think over stupid little things, which grew to be major setbacks.

We looked at what was holding her back, and I suggested starting by making a list—the list consisted of buying butcher paper, pens etc., so she could draw and create herself out of her mess. Unfortunately, she was in such a state that she couldn’t even get to the stationery shop to buy a few simple things.Stuck in a rut get out of a rut

The Change from Being Stuck in a Rut

Then an interesting thing happened. Her partner asked her if she wanted to go for a drive; he needed to go to Officeworks to buy a few things. Viola. Action. How could she not accept what she needed?

That boosted her into action. Finally, she was out of being ‘stuck in a rut’ but wanted more.

She came back yesterday wanting more of my ’tough love’ action.

I gave her a crash course in goal setting. It took 20 minutes, and to see her light up was pure joy.

She got it. More? Click here.

Two things happened, both in her favour.

Second, She allowed synchronicity to take over her life. It just happened that her partner needed to go to the stationery store. She didn’t examine this; she just went with him.Stuck in a rut get out of a rut

Do you need help?

Can’t start that New Year’s goal or task (or perhaps, last year’s goal)?

Book in, and in 1 hour, we’ll look at the goal to see if it’s ‘you’ (it could be a part of a broader grand plan). Then I’ll give you a step-by-step recipe to bake it so it’s the most delicious thing you’ll cook up all year.

Have a fantastic day…..


Psychic Andrew

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