The Confusion Around ‘Words Have Power : Talking to Yourself : Self Speak’

The Problem

There’s confusion about what we do in our work or profession. It’s easy and we understand immediately if you’re a bus driver, hairdresser, geologist, doctor, lawyer or nurse. What if you’re not one of these and it’s not clear cut? You want to know more about people so you dig deeper. You ask, “What sort of bus driver?”, “Are you a men’s barber or a woman’s hairdresser?”, “Oh, you’re a nurse, where do you work?”. Wanting to know more about people is normal.

I remember months ago I had a coffee with a guy who I hadn’t seen for a number of years. I knew he was an entrepreneur and accountant and I asked him if he could help me with  a couple aspects in my business accounting. He declined because he’s more of a business planner and coach.

Our professions are getting blurred especially when we move into esoteric professions like natural therapies, coaching and, heaven forbid, psychic and intuitive professions. This is when the story about what we do gets interesting. That’s because we don’t understand what that profession is about.Words Have Power : Talking to Yourself : Self Speak

The problem is your self speak

If you’re like me, you’ll find it difficult to express what you do in a few words. Your challenge is you’re too close because you’re connected to your self speak. You know what you mean but you don’t understand how your words are being interpreted.

Words Have Power

You’re aware how powerful your words are. Listen to empowering speeches and you know that. Imagine this, the two of us are having a one-to-one conversation and I say to you, “You’re a bloody idiot!”. That statement is going to have a different effect on you than  “You’re a beautiful person and I’m really proud of you and what you’re achieving!”.

Action Time : Watch how You’re Talking to Yourself

Watch how you’re talking to yourself and how you use everyday words. That is listen to your self speak and what YOU say to yourself. When you’re in a conversation monitor what and how you talk, especially if you need something done. The other day I mentioned to my partner that I’ll stop her son walking into my consultation room when I have a client. She reminded me that what I told her was not the way to talk to him. Well, “Duh!”. Truth is, I didn’t ‘tell’ her son anything. I discussed it with him and he agreed and apologised for barging into the room.

Back to your conversation about your profession.

The Confusion Around Words Have Power is Significant

When I spoke about my accounting friend I was confused about what he does. I still am because I couldn’t interpret my friend’s language so that I could understand what he does.

Yes, I get he’s an accountant but he doesn’t practice accountancy. I’m a geophysicist and I don’t have anything to do with geophysics these days. Most people don’t even know that side of me. I’m a psychic reader who helps people discover, reinvent and revive their life purpose. I have another friend who’s a homeopath. She’s a homeopath and so much more, she’s apsychic, an empath, a herbalist, a masseur, and so on. It’s difficult to encapsulate she does in a few words.

What do you do?

Your life is so diverse. Sit and think about what you do. What business are you in? I’m in the personal development business and yet I’m a psychic, a healer, personal development coach and other things as well.

Take time to think about your business identity. When explaining what you do—i.e. bus driver, hair dresser, geologist, doctor, lawyer or nurse—is the description it as simple as that? I bet it’s not.

Have an Awesome Day.


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