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Internal Dialogue

Times are tough. You’re in a space at the moment where you’re self-speak, that internal dialogue you have with yourself every minute of every day, is working overtime. Who Pays the Piper? Internal Dialogue : Power Questions

Routine Power Questions Time

Every morning I have a set of things I do. You could call it a routine of activities. I just call it my meditation, Power Questions and Creed time. Here’s a quick rundown of how my morning plays out. It’s all very ‘routine’ and structured.

I jump out of bed at no particular time, when I’m ready. I go into the next room to a small area set aside for my meditation. There is a ritual. For example, I light a candle and burn incense, then my ‘real’ nothing stuff starts. There’s always a short passage I read in a book, followed by my ki breathing meditation. Then I do my stretches, Power Questions and Grand Dream Goals. All this takes about one hour.

The Purpose is to Help my Internal Dialogue. Calm the Mind.

This daily procedure works. It’s important because it keeps me ON TRACK. I have been following this basic routine for a few years now.

Sometimes, I’m Slack!

The truth is, sometimes I have been slack and I’ve paid the price. Prior to my current partner entering my life I followed my routine every morning and every night. I always did it! There only needed to be a diversion such as someone else in the house hold with new routines, and it all went to cinders. It’s happened a few times because I get a sense of “I’m okay, I don’t need this any more” arrogance about me.

The discipline I made for myself every day didn’t appear out of a whim, it didn’t appear over night. It was a calculated series of personal development coaching steps my coach at the time led me through years ago. It took me close to 12 months to develop them to where they worked for me. This routine protected me from myself, from my negative drama-glue internal dialogue.

Who Pays the Piper? Internal Dialogue : Power Questions The Irony

I were chatting with my coach a year or two ago about being pumped up and positive. I mentioned to him that if I drop down to say 90%, I notice it and I don’t like it and quickly climb back to over 100%. He laughed and asked me if I realised what I’d just said, “You don’t like operating at 90% because it doesn’t feel right? Spare a thought for all those people who operate at 20% every day!”.

I operated at over 100% because I have the tools to do that. I learnt them the hard way.

Travel, Visitors and Other distractions to Power Questions

A new partner came into my life and I got slack. I didn’t need them, or so I thought. The same happens when I travel or there are other distractions in my life. Over the last few months there have been times I have operated at less than 100% and I don’t like it. It’s painful and emotionally it hurts.

Are you getting the message!

Being in a drama glue, below-the-line place is NOT for me. I’m not at my best when I’m in this space. I owe the people who come to see for a psychic reading 100% of me. There’s no compromise and that’s what they get. This is why I do my routine every morning and evening. It takes me about an hour (two hours if I include my walk and breakfast) in the morning and 10 minutes each night. It takes discipline and from someone like me who dislikes discipline, that’s big.

I know things especially when I’m going through tough times. I also know I could never have developed the routine I do every morning without help. Without this routine my life would be a misery.

Action Time

Here’s a little trick. It’ll only take a minute or so.

Stop what you’re doing NOW for 15 seconds. Monitor your thoughts. Are you thinking ‘above-the-line’ thoughts? Those are the thoughts that are proactive, empowered, abundance, love, and faith. Or are your thinking the more negative ‘below-the-line’ thoughts? These include being reactive, blaming, being a victim, powerless, with doubt and scarcity, where you feel disempowered.

If you’re above-the-line! Fantastic. Go off and have fun. What’s great is if you can stay in space and not drop back to below-the-line.

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