Want that Special Job? Here’s how……

want that special job Will I Get the Job?"

Three weeks ago a woman came to see me. One of the topics we chatted about in her psychic reading was her career and whether she should apply for a federal government job in aviation. She has a background as a pilot and lecturer in aviation.

She came back yesterday for a few tips for her interview. We talked about a couple of strategies, things like how she could prepare herself and what she should wear to the interview. She really wanted that special job.

There’s no rocket science or big revelations, this is routine ‘Will I get the job’ stuff.

You just need to focus on a few things and do them differently. My only hope is that this post doesn’t get too popular. After all, if if everyone took on this strategy we’d be stuck because everyone will want that special job.

She asked, “Will I get the job?”.

Let’s return to our friend…..

The job is hers to lose, not hers to win. If she stuffed the interview, she would likely miss out on the job. For example, if she went into the interview with doubts about her ability, or if she was over or under confident, she could miss out.

How you ever been in this predicament? You really want the job. It suits you, it sound like a great team, the salary is great and you’re frightened you’ll blow the interview?

You Might Want That Special Job BUT it’s Easy to Stuff Up an Interview

People do stuff up their interviews, there’s no doubt about that. But not as frequently as you you might think. If you’re going for a new job or really want a particular outcome in a situation, you have to play by your rules, not theirs. If you enter into a situation where you’re desperate or decide you really ‘need’ that job or outcome, you’ve just put yourself at a disadvantage. The ‘other’ people will subconsciously sense that you’re desperate and gain control over you.

Alternatively, you don’t want to control them either, you want the process to be equal and win/win. Essentially what you want to do is stand out from the rest of the crowd so you’re the only player in the field. Our next blog here gives more detail on what to do. In the meantime, read the action plan below.

Remember every situation is different so I can’t give you your strategy, you’ll need to book in and talk to me. And that’s when you can ask me, “Will I get the job?”.

There’s an interesting thing that happens in my psychic readings around topics like this. People come to me because they want that special job. Lots and lots of people. Not everyone get’s it. You see you have to ask yourself whether you really want the special job, rather than “Will I get the Job?”.

Action Plan

Whether you’re in an interview or you need an outcome in a particular situation you must ask good questions. These are questions you ask of the people sitting across from you.

I can promise you something. Everyone has a prejudice, so you will be  judged. Firstly, by the quality of the questions you ask, then, secondly by what you say. Learn to probe. Ask questions politely and which may seem confronting to you. I know you’ll test the people you’re talking to but you must find out what they’re about. Your questions are tailored and structured to find out what the problems and challenges are and what exactly what is expected of you.


It’s as easy as that……

Well done. Now go on and watch the following video. It has another slant on getting a job here.

How to get a job interview

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