Imagine Dream Memories Like This, Then Wake Up Peacefully

Dream Memories

“…… there’s a sound, you know it’s him, you tense, briefly. There’s a flutter in your heart. A flood of fear spreads into your stomach, to your chest, your loins, you’re short of breath. ‘It’s Him….’  Beep, beep, beep.

You are jolted awake by the alarm again.  You tell yourself not to hit the snooze button no matter how tempting it is. Grown…. “I want to go back there….!”

The Reality

Yes, you’re busy, you lead a full life—work, family, sport, eating out, friends, socialising, dreaming, and you need to fit it all in. Of course you do, and how do you do it? There’s that mid-week dinner party where you eat and drink a little too much. You rush to the gym, work, that dance class, and of course, running around after the family. When you get to bed at that later time you know you have an alarm to wake you up.

Pineal Gland

Your body uses a gland in your brain called the pineal gland to regulate your cyclic rhythms. These rhythms are easily interrupted by the stresses of normal life? The impact on your body when they are interrupted can be colossal. It means another few rocks will drop into your stress bucket that’s continuing to weigh you down.

Hundreds of years ago we let the weather and the number of daylights hours rule how much sleep we got each day. In summer, because it was warmer, we tended to need a little less sleep because we were out in the fields producing food. Then in winter, when the days were shorter, we would sleep an extra hour or two. It was a great system back then because there was never an alarm to wake us except that pesky rooster down the back yard. Interestingly, everyone and everything were all in the same rhythm including birds, animals and vegetation. We were in sync with the whole environment.

Wake up Peacefully?

In your modern hectic life it’s different, you have to get up to an alarm clock. Stop and think for a moment about what that alarm clock is doing to your natural circadian rhythm. It’s impossible to wake up peacefully when you wake up to an alarm. There you are in a cycle of deep sleep, and off goes the alarm. You’re bumped out of the rhythm, awake in seconds (and no more Orlando Bloom). Actually your body is trying to tell you, “No, No, I need to wake up naturally, a little later!”.

Wake up Peacefully Naturally

You can reverse the situation. You hop into bed at say 9:00 pm and in ten minutes you’re off in your slumber. There’s nothing to bother you, no stress, just beautiful restful sleep. You have no electronic gadgets in your room, certainly none close you your head. If everything’s ticking along okay you’ll turn in your sleep maybe 15 to 20 times during the night. Your hormones are working for you. For example, your growth hormone such as Human Growth Hormone get’s to work to build and repair your muscles, tissue and cells. Melatonin helps you fight infections.

You sleep on through the various phases of your sleep. There’s the rapid eye movement phase (or REM), Dream Sleep, Non-Rapid Eye Movement phase, all as natural as the circadian rhythm that helps this whole process. Then comes the miracle because that same circadian rhythm is what wakes you in the morning. It helps you out of your slumber, and it does it when you’re body is ready. You wake refreshed and ready for your day. You’re only alarm is your own natural body clock. It’s an immaculate system and it’s you.

Action time for Dream Memories


Turn off your alarm clock. Let you’re body wake up when it needs to. Trust that it won’t deceive you, or let you down. You may wake up earlier, or later and you’ll do it on your terms, when you need to.

Turn everything off. You don’t need an alarm clock in the room or a clock radio, and certainly not TV. Believe in your body and it’s wisdom to do what you need to do. You may need to stagger this a little, why not commit to waking without an alarm, say three times a week to begin with.

Perhaps, when you do this, you may just get to share your dream and have dream memories with Orlando, George or your special guy.

Have an outstanding day


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