Declutter the mind | Take a Two Minute Break, NOW.

Today, I couldn’t help looking out at the people of the neighbourhood going about their business and life. I’m at my local neighbourhood shopping centre, the sun is shining and it’s a beautiful day.

Declutter the Mind

Declutter the Mind | Take a Two Minute Break.

Contemplate everyday and be in the now

As I looked out at the people coming and going I started to reflect on what I was trying to do. I was about to write something that was not quite there. Of course, I could force the words into the keyboard, but that wouldn’t work. Alternatively, I could reflect on where my mind is at the moment and allow myself to be in the ‘space’ I needed to be in. That would mean I would need to declutter the mind.

The thing about that ‘space’ is that it’s a lovely place to be. There’s no stress, you’re relaxed and at peace with yourself. For me to write while in this space, is pure delight. The vision and words flow so easily.

I’m not one for saying that we always need to be in this ‘space’ when we need to write something. What I am saying is we can help ourselves lower our stress levels by just ‘being’ once or twice a day. Just ‘being’ involves walking or sitting in a mindfulness state. You may refer to it as ‘being in the now’ and it involves sitting quietly and not concentrating on anything in particular and everything at the same time. Hmm, now that’s an interesting concept, isn’t it?

Take a Two Minute Break

As you sit to take a two minute break, be aware of all your five senses at once, what scents are in the air, the sounds, light and how your bottom feels on the seat you are sitting on. Be aware of your the taste sensations in your mouth feel like and what your thoughts are. Then there’s the feeling of comfort of the temperature of the air, the breeze, the sound of the breeze, the movement of the air in the trees. That’s what I mean when I say declutter the mind.

You only need to be in this ‘place’ for a few minutes to appreciate it. Then you can get back into your normal routine. The interesting thing is, when you allow yourself to be in this ‘place’ for a few minutes, away from the rat race of normal thoughts, you’ll be surprised a what you achieve just after it. Try it now.

Did You try it?

What did I achieve by allowing myself to move into this space? Well, for one thing, this newsletter. Secondly, I thought of a great thing to cover with a client who’s coming to see me for a personal development session. I’ll be seeing her in a few minutes. Interestingly, I don’t know where the inspiration for that came from, it was just there.

Our mind is truly a wonderful thing. All we need do is let it have it’s way every now and then.

 Call to Action.

Grab a piece of paper and pen. Write down, “Stop, get in the NOW” and put the piece of paper in your pocket or handbag and try to remember to bring it out during the day.

Do what your note says to do. Sit quietly, eyes not focussed on anything in particular, listen to the sounds around you, feel your seat, how you’re sitting, where your feet are (flat on the floor?), can you recognise any scents in the air? Do this for just two minutes, or longer if you like.

Did that feel good?

Congratulations, you’ve just been in the NOW.

Have the best outstanding day.


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