Connection : Empathy connection — Just in time

If you’re connected you’ll get your messages exactly when you need them. This blog came about from a connection to a series of people that came through just in time for them and me. Empathy Connection Just in Time One empathy connection from a subscriber...

Goodbye Owl, Hello Lark

The Continuing Story of the Owl and the Lark Goodbye Owl, Hello Lark A week or two ago we talked about the Owl and the Lark and I had so many comments about it. Interestingly, most were from Larks, including a wonderful pedantic comment from a friend in Canberra. He...

Give to Receive | Internet Business

Give to Receive Internet Business or Not How Internet Business Works I’d like to talk about giving and receiving and from holistic perspective, not the normal business focus. If you have an internet business, or any other business for that matter, the experts...
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