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Whether you like it or not, you are prone to snoring at some stage in your life. Especially if you carry a few extra pounds in weight.
A couple of years ago, I had an outstanding weekend in Melbourne attending an Aikido martial arts workshop. I drove there with a Aikido colleague. These types of weekends are fantastic, you meet new people, learn lots and get to hang out and discover new places to eat and drink. We stayed in a guest house/ backpacker accommodation in Melbourne, a beautiful old building which has seen better days but has the potential to be stunning.
There were six of us in one small room with bunks with a door double door opening out onto the street. There were two bathrooms on our floor, which meant if your timing was out, running to the toilet could be a challenge.
Then there was the snoring.
The first night I found myself becoming anxious and angry. I love my sleep and when it’s interrupted, I feel as though I’ve lost something. At 1:30 am I am up, IPad open, and looking for alternative accommodation options in Melbourne.

Snoring Sleep Apnea Reality

Then reality set in. I hopped back into bed and went through my relaxation routine, the same routine I do every night when I go to bed, and the next think I knew it was 6:00 am.
Next morning there was much discussion amongst the six of us about the snoring. It was only then I found out I was one of the perpetrators.

What Happenned

What was happening? Well two things:sleep apnea, sleep, snore, snoring, anxiety, stress, ear plugs, sleeping, peacefull sleep, natural therapist, relationship, goals, goal

You’re the Snorer

Snoring is not a bad thing if it’s a one-off occurrence. If it’s more than that, you are suffering sleep apnea, and that is a problem. You are starving for oxygen and that is not good. You need to do something about it, now. You’re likely to be tired during the day, your immune system is compromised, you’re probably short tempered, and if extreme, you shouldn’t be driving a car.

Sleeping next to a Snorer

Listening to a snorer, can be a bad thing if you’re a light sleeper and have a busy mind mind. That “busy mind” will likely be stress related, so you need to do something about that. Check out my earlier blogs because we’ve discussed this before. If you sleep next to a chronic snorer and that person doesn’t do anything about it for themselves, you have a number of options open to you. Firstly, you can get a pillow and smother the snorer (great short term solution, not recommended in the long term though), secondly, you can move to another bed, thirdly, you can buy yourself and use ear plugs, and lastly, you can get help from a doctor or natural therapist to help you with your sleep.

Sleep apnea causes anxiety and stress and is not good for a long term relationship.


Melbourne Solution – Ear Plugs

My solution in Melbourne was to buy ear plugs, and they worked a treat. When I was sleeping well, I wasn’t snoring. Not only that, I woke up feeling alive and refreshed, just like I do at home.

Call to Action

What side of the equation are you? Do you have sleep apnea?
Do something about it, now. Months ago, I shared a room in Sydney with a guy who used an air pump each night. He loved it (and so did I). See your doctor or natural therapist, there is so much you can do that’s inexpensive and drug free.
Are you a snoring sufferer?
Do something about this as well, take your own action. Look after yourself, buy ear plugs (or a baseball bat) and use them. Move to another room or best of all, do something about your anxiety and stress.
Remember, it’s not one sided, you are responsible for your life and your sleeping partner is responsible for his or hers.
Have the best outstanding day.

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