A few years ago I posted Tarot Sex – The Top 8 Tarot Cards For Sex and a few months later I surprised my Psychic Awareness and Tarot students by referring to cards that have sexual overtones. Some students were surprised that cards could be attributed to sexuality while others just smiled. Either way, it’s one of the more interesting conversations of the workshop series and like most interesting topics the subject expands, hence Sex In Tarot our second blog on the subject.

The usual contenders, that I talked about in Sex In Tarot were The Lovers, Temperance, Ace of Wands, The Devil, Night of Wands, TheStar, Eight of Wands and The Empress.

Tarot Sex

What piqued my interest from the Tarot Sex blog and which needs to be mentioned in Sex In Tarot is a comment Austin, a commenter on my blog, made about the Ace of Cups….

“I’m surprised there’s no mention of the ace of cups! To me that is a very gushy, feminine, sexual card and even symbolic of a vagina in the same way that the ace of wands is phallic. I think it can represent the more spiritual and emotional side of sex.”


Consequently, the Ace of Cups is our first candidate.

Ace of Cups

Austin is accurate and I’m pleased to include him in Sex in Tarot. The Ace of Cups has it all—fluids, the opening, it’s feminine and quite sexual, it’s an offering, and a very open offering at that. Just as the male is offering his phallic masculinity in the Ace of Wands here is the female offering her opening (the vagina) here. This is the woman with few inhibitions around sex. Although she is emotionally and spiritually switched on, she’s not about to open her legs or body to anyone.

Her partner would need to be as free as she is. She doesn’t mind how much noise she makes. Plus she loves all the fluids associated with sex from kissing to her own vaginal fluids. It’s all part of the experience for her. Little wonder her guy (or female partner) would need to ‘get’ her, because, for her, it’s a complete experience.

The Sun

Making babies? Perhaps, but take a better look. The child on the horse represents pure joy, the joy of life and more specifically the joy of sex. We can take it further because this is the joy of orgasmic sex through vulnerability. When we’re vulnerable, we’re more open, especially in a safe relationship. Interestingly, there is a strong growth component here too. The Sun and it’s warmth shown by the sun-flowers. Oh, and don’t forget the red banner. Red can mean luck, it can also be a ‘watch out’ warning. Here is someone waving their banner saying “Watch out” or “Watch me, I’m having a fantastic time here!”.

I often see this in readings, although I rarely mention it to clients for fear of embarrassment. Especially for women who are having a great relationship with their guy. I often say, “You look like the cat that got the cream” as they enter the room. They have that wonderful smug inner happiness.


I love the stories around this card and it’s important to include it in Sex in Tarot. The success in Strength is in the woman. She knows what to do and how to do it. More importantly, she knows she can’t force the lion, her only tools are in her ability to be calm, loving, and her courage. She may be vulnerable, but she’s not a slave to her feelings. This means she can use her attributes (love, courage, calmness, looks etc) to unleash her sexual and animalistic desires. In some ways we need to be a little wary of this woman. Mainly because her yang side would say she can be the hunter, especially if she’s out with her ‘pack’ of friends.

I would assume in full flight she’s be incredible to observe.  Especially with her ability to woo a man into her grasp. In a group (or pride) of like minded women, she would rarely go home alone. And although, I know women don’t keep score like men do with their prowess, this woman is at the top of her class.

The Magician

The conjurer, watch out. Sex in Tarot tells us this person has all the tools of the trade. Sure, with her spirituality, but also the gift (of the gab?) of communication. She/he know how to use his or her attributes to manipulate. Interesting character, it doesn’t matter who he or she is talking too, they will have something to say. Which, for the person of interest, will sound very nice indeed. Don’t forget there’s other stuff here too He/she has tools on the table which leaves a hand(s) free to wander.

That lovely little massage around the neck and shoulders. The hand on the breast (why wouldn’t she put a hand on his breast, or visa versa?). It’s all a part of the this person’s sexual arousal coming alive. With drive and inspiration to invigorate the mood and move ahead. The real pluses would be the creativity and passion that develops as the evening progresses, remember the infinity sign above her head?

Four of Swords

The Four of Swords is a warning sign. Here is someone lying down waiting for something new to happen, unfortunately it won’t, not without intervention. The warning is in the mundane and boredom. If you turn this over for yourself, ask how is the sex life? Is it alway the missionary position? Actually all the card is indicating is you’ve become passive and routine. You need to wire yourself up to a powerpoint and zap yourself into standing up and looking at that beautiful stain-glass window for a few ideas. Or you can grab the sword below you and use it fire yourself up. Swords are about the mental, using our intellect and mental capacity, in the case, to solve a problem.

The outcome? Use your imagination–a torrid affair, a one night stand, invent and try some kink or BDSM……..

Eight of Swords : Sex in Tarot

Tired up and bound, is this so bad? Not for some people. I know people who are into all levels of S & M or DBSM and they love it—I’m not saying it’s for everyone, but it could be for this person, either a man or woman. It’s actually a very good energy because it’s balanced—there’s choice. The woman is bound and blindfolded but she’s protected by the swords around her, so it’s a good mix.

If we look deeper into the sexual aspect of the Eight of Swords, we see the water she/he is standing in—this tells us just how sexual it is. Water is the fluid. Put the woman on a bed and do the sexual thing and she will like have gushing orgasms—rivers of then. Similarly, a man would have a string of orgasms. Interesting times…….

Three of Cups

The threesome, the menage trois, woo hoo. You only have to look at the brightness of the colours and the overall lightness and happiness in the energy to know this is fun. And that’s the whole thing, fun. It’s not necessarily between three women either, the mix can be one, two or no women, perhaps it’s all men.

The things I notice when I think of the Three of Cups is both the permanence and impermanence of the event. From an open poly amorous relationship which can last for years to poly amorous experimentation on a one night stand. Either way it’s the celebratory aspect of it that’s important as well as maintained. Think like this and it’ll be a success. I’ve always like the way each individual brings an offering into the event or relationship. The offerings can be food, money, housing–the tangible things–or, the emotional, feeling things like passion, sensitivity, spirituality and creativity.

Seven of Swords

All a bit naughty, one of the more mischievous cards of Sex in Tarot . What’s that guy been doing, he’s been up to something! The guy has a secret, he’s dancing with swords in hand and doesn’t give a hoot that he’s left a couple behind, this is the tom cat that serves all the females in the street and it’s a great game to him or her.

I have a client who is this person, she’s wonderful—married, couple of kids and every week she meets up with her lover. Whenever we talk about it, she’s got a glint in her eye, and she’s been doing it with the same guy for years. What makes it so good is the secrecy, this can be the guy who goes off to a kink club every week, has a new naughty relationship, or, as in my client, an affair. I often think this is what a lot of women secretly dream of, the bad boy coming to visit—some live the dream and make it a reality.

Ace of Pentacles

What’s happening through that gate? Let you imagination flow free. So we need to look at this from two perspectives. The first, is the picture we are seeing, temptation is leading you and you want to explore. Exploration becomes intimate, for example, the hedge is the pubic hair and the opening is the opening to the vagina and all the wonder it provides for the explorer. From a female’s perspective, it’s the same. Walk through the gate and your penis awaits and in both examples, the coin is the reward.

The second perspective is somewhat ominous, and we look from within the picture looking back out to us. In this case, enter through the gate and you’ll find a female egg all ready to be fertilised. If baby making is not on your agenda, either walk away or use protection. I have been known to recognise these two perspectives by the direction the card is on the table. Away from me (reversed), is scenario two, or as it looks in the picture, scenario one.

Two of Cups

There is a lovely energy associated with the Two of Cups. I’ve always loved it and what it represents. Here we have two people looking into each others eyes and exchanging cups all at the same time. I think this is deeply romantic because it represents all the good things in a healthy relationship. Everything from sexuality, emotional strength, love, bonding, romance, integrity and deep connection. What makes these people stand out is they have no secrets, they are likely to share intermit moments with themselves and others.

Our Sex in Tarot example. Within a group they could easily share a deep sexual encounter giving explicit details of their sexual experience. It wouldn’t concern either of them. For instance, during a reading I had a client who openly shared sexual exploits with me. This wasn’t new to her because she and her partner teach tantric sex to groups, so were accustomed to being graphic about their experiences.

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