Self Esteem : Crazy from which ever way you look at it..

You have a natural persona, a natural energy and charisma which is your natural authentic you. There’s only one small problem, your natural you can be masked by your self esteem. Your self esteem is your “I’m not good enough” voice that whisperers into your left ear.

Consequently, your natural energy, persona, and charisma can load you up into a false sense of security. The trouble is, it’s all hidden within you and you may be unaware of it. Then is you add a fair dose of success, hard work, life-luck and you could find yourself on a pedestal. The pedestal is not yours, it’s a pedestal that someone else puts you onto and you maybe unaware of it.

I’m Not Good Enough

Years ago I remember, I felt I wasn’t good enough for my former partner. She was amazing. She was elegant, beautiful, intelligent, and had an air of being able to look at me in a way that disarmed me. I thought she was fantastic, still do. Then years later I learnt she felt the same with me. This was such a bazar and crazy thing.

A few weeks ago I spoke in a psychic reading to an overseas client who has fallen for someone and a similar story to mine emerged. The poor guy was distraught at this insight and it shook him up. I told him my story about my former partner and our self esteem challenge.

This guy couldn’t believe it. His girlfriend was amazing because she spoke spoke 5 languages, she was brilliant at her business, had a wonderful family and so many other wonderful traits. What he didn’t get was that she didn’t see herself this way. In fact she thought he was incredible.Self Esteem : I'm Not Good Enough

What is Self Esteem with a partner about?

To put it simply, if you’re in a relationship and your self esteem is low you will think everyone is better than you including your partner. This is all okay until after a while you begin to lean on your partner for support. You believe your partner knows better than you. Then you expect them to make decisions. This is all okay for a while. What happens after years of marriage. Say 5,10, or even 25 years? You’ve fully dependent on your partner. You’ve let your partner become the decision maker, and you’re totally dependent on him or her for everything. Does this sound familiar. You know people like this don’t you……

What has to happen to Change Self Esteem?

It’s very simple. You need to start making you own decisions. Or if you thing your partner has low self esteem and you’re making all decisions, you need to get him or her to change. The change is relatively easy. You need strategise so you or your partner start making  small decisions. That would be to get the person who needs the boost to make decisions.

I heard back from my overseas client a few days ago. He’s over the moon because I gave him strategies to boost himself and to look at what’s real in his life.

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