It’s a Matter of Perspective, Out of Control Boys

A couple of years ago I drove across town to see a client. Matter of Perspective, Out of Control BoysThe client is a different type of person. Apart from a disability, she laid back about how she brings up her two out of control boys. Someone entering her house would thing her two young boys were totally out of control. The thing is, she didn’t care care.

I sat down, grabbed my tarot cards and commenced doing her tarot reading while my partner entertained her  young boys in the garden. My partner is very good with kids she played with them and the three of them explored things in the garden. She also helped them become more out of control by giving them a very sweet confection from a bakery up the road.

Psychic Tarot Reading Perspective

The psychic tarot reading session was fantastic. My client told so. There was no ‘all good, fluffy, nice, positive information’. Much of it was tough love, strong words, emotional and not good news to her. She was incredible, she took it all in her stride and joined me in my positiveness and optimism for her future. Specifically her concerns were about her relationship with the boy’s father.

It’s a Matter of Perspective

She was the one who admitted that he wasn’t coming back to her because she said, “M………, he is NOT coming back, is he!”. My answer was “No”.

Then I gave her a way to look at her plight from another perspective.

I said to her, “You can look at this from one of two lenses, ONE you can sit here and cry, weep and grieve or TWO you can look at it as a challenge……”. What gave her a lift was what I added. What I added was the important bit because there was a positive added bonus for her. She was about to meet another guy.He would be older (or more mature), have a good job and still with baggage from a previous relationship. The guy will court and romance her and he will fall for her before she’s ready for him. Best of all, it will be a long lasting relationship.

The Response and Her Perspective

It's a matter of perspective, with out of control boysHer response was outstanding.

She said, “Yea, I like that, I can do that……”

We talked about other things such as work and a job for her. My answer to this was, “That too, maybe admin for a while, though not too long, you’re meant to be with people, you’re fantastic with people, they love you. Have you ever thought of working in hardware, maybe Bunnings?”

She said, “What?”, then “Hmmm, why not? That would be so cool.”


Did you you get it?

I said earlier this woman had a disability. She is totally deaf, she didn’t hear a word I said. That’s because she saw what I said because she can lip read and her boys, both very young are wizards at the Australian Sign Language, Auslan.

She made me feel humble because she knows so much more than I do. I can’t communicate her way. I was in her power, her empowerment and her humility.

Have an amazing and awesome day, just like this young woman does, every day.

Perspective, Out of Control




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