Passion : Is the Tail Wagging the Dog?

“You’ve got to find your passion!!!!”

How often do you hear that? I hear it all the time and I’m a little perplexed because I also hear that other passion about a particular thing. The words go something like, “I’m really passionate about the environment, personal development, dogs, cats, unicorns, animals etc. Although, we’re not going into specifics right now.

When you hear that “You’ve got to find your passion” statement, what does it conjure up in your mind? For me it’s something about getting out and searching for something, going for it, and then living it.

What if You’re Challenged about Searching for Your Passion?

But, what happens if that that passion statement doesn’t resinate with you? What if you’re the type of person who finds ‘searching’, ‘going for it’ and ‘living passion’ a really tough ask, as many people do. It immediately makes you feel frustrated and inadequate doesn’t it and it puts you on the back foot doesn’t it? If you’re anything like I was years ago I was surrounded my teams of high achievers who seemed to have endless energy and passion oozing out of their pores. This made me feel inadequate and a bit of a loser simply because others seem to be able to find their passion and use it to climb the corporate ladder.

The Discovery : The Tail Wagging the Dog

Long after I left my science job and started examining myself in depth I realised I had it wrong. I also realised two more things. Firstly, some of those people I worked with were fakes because they used arrogance to make people think they were on top. Secondly, there were many who were just going about their business who were naturally pumped and excited about what they were doing. This second group fascinated me because they didn’t know they were passionate, they just did it!Passion Tail wagging the dog

The Big Tail Wagging The Dog “Get It” moment

Then I got it. One day I was attending a business breakfast and a visitor asked me what I did. I told her “I’m a psychic!”, to which she said, “Oh, I get it, you must be very good at it because you ooze passion.”. This is when the penny dropped, because I went home and talked to my partner and her comment was “Duh!!!!, you didn’t know that?”.

I had been thinking passion was something you search for, but I was wrong. It was within me all the time.

Here’s my dumfounding, ‘stop-everything’, ‘take-it-now’ news for you. Passion is NOT something you search for. You can’t find it or go for it because passion finds you, so stop belting yourself up about it. If you look at all those passionate people in your life who are really have a momentum and on a particular case, or issue, the big news is—they’ve always had it—it’s as if it’s in the genes.

The Other “Get It” Moment

You might find this next thing a little hard to grasp. Passion like love, happiness, joy are states of mind we were born with. They are the natural state. You only have to look at the vital energy of young children to see that, because children haven’t learnt to cover themselves up with their ego.

When I suggest for you to let passion find you, that’s all you do and to do that, follow the tips below.

Here’s my BIG Passion tip.

Forget passion, eliminate it from your word repertoire. You don’t need it, that work is for someone else.

Here’s what you do……..

Go for curiosity.

Rather than searching for something you can’t find, grab something you can be (feeling, space). Become curious by discovering things that rev you up and excite you. It could be people, and how they act, what makes them like they are. It could be small furry animals, insects or unicorns (don’t see a lot of them). Perhaps cars and motor bikes get your juices flowing. For me, I’m curious about the brain and how we think and how we can change our thing and habits. You could find current affairs, social issues and the news interesting.

It doesn’t matter what you become curious about, just as long as you’re curiosity become ‘you’ and you finding that you want to know more and more.

And the Bonus

Get your curiosity fired up and lo and behold you’ll wake up feeling different. You’ll be excited about things and suddenly this will will lead to you have gratitude for things in your life.

And you know what follows gratitude? Yep, you got it—passion.

Have a fantastic curious day.


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