TWO “Not So Down To Earth” things to watch for TODAY

I do two things. They are services, not products. First is personal development mentoring and the second is my Intuitive side. That’s the thing you know me for where I do my Psychic Readings. Often the line between the two is blurred. In a personal development consultation I’m often pulling out my tarot cards to get a story about a challenge in someone’s life. As someone who’s attended one of my psychic readings you’ll know I share coaching tips and suggestions which bubble to the surface during the reading.

Being in the NOW is in the Words

The other thing that’s drawn from my intuition and psychic ability is what I actually say. I’ve been doing this for a while and I’m still skeptical about messages. That skepticism come from my scientific background that. I’m a critic about what I pick up. I can’t help thinking that what I’ve said is my ego speaking. This skepticism is drowned out by an admission many weeks or months later when my client confirms my prediction. What helps me with my over thinking ego is allowing myself to be in the NOW and accept the words and messages that flow.

TWO "Not So Down To Earth" things to watch for TODAY : Being in the now : Speed of Change

I’m Still Astounded

After years in the reading and tarot business there are a couple of things that astound me.

One is that occasionally as I’m talking to a client, words come out of my mouth that are completely foreign to me. I hear them, and I stop. You, as my client, may have heard me say, “Where in the hell did that come from?”. I mull over what I just said and check in with myself. Then I realise what I said was real because I’ll be feeling a familiar buzzing throughout my body. This happens at other times too, not only when I’m talking to clients.

Be Aware of Your Feelings

Are you aware of this feeling? You may be talking to a friend or colleague, said something, and wondered where those words came from. I call it a ‘being in the now’ moment.

It’s difficult to give you an example. Because those little gems slip through my memory net. Once I’ve uttered the words, told the client, it’s gone. Occasionally, I’ve gone back over reading audio recordings, but nothing. I’ve heard the passage again and second time around there is nothing unique or spectacular in what I said. It’s clearly an “being in the now” experience.

Speed of Change

There’s another thing that still astounds me about my intuition and psychic work. That is the speed of change. How quickly things can change in a short time. For example, last week a client asked me about a relationship issue during her personal development mentoring session. I flicked out cards and told her what was about to happen. My message to her was “There will be relationship challenges over the next couple of months”. All good, because her mentoring program is equipping her with tools to easily overcome any obstacles.

The other night as we talked, she asked me again about these actual obstacles, I grabbed the tarot cards and turned a couple over. A completely different story emerged. It was interesting because the previous obstacles were there just below the surface and they will surely bubble up and cause her grief, but not to the same extent.

The cards I turned over gave a completely different picture of her. Not necessarily blissful or anything, just different.

 Skeptic Criticism

Psychics are criticised for giving different, inconsistent and conflicting stories over time. The skeptics don’t realise that my story reflects the fact that your life changes very quickly.

Your Take Home Being in the now and Speed of Change Gifts

Treat Each New Flash of Brilliance as a Fragile Treasure.

When you’re talking to someone, relax and let your conversation flow. Watch for your ‘being in the now’ moment. I’m sure you’ve had them and I know you’ll have more. Be aware of the speed of change in your thoughts especially as new ideas are often preceded by an ah-ha or light-bulb moment.

Next, be aware that you have lots going on at the moment and that things are changing very quickly. Ideas, thoughts and premonitions you had a few days ago may have lost their bounce. Don’t worry, they’ll soon be replaced by something new. You may even find that that big idea doesn’t ‘feel’ right any more. I can hear you say, “I devoted time and money into that idea, you mean I’ve got to can it?”

Perhaps you do, but not necessarily. You may need help to sift through the value of that time and energy to check that it has lost it’s magic. Be prepared to bounce your thoughts off someone you can trust to give you a balanced opinion, sleep on it, and make the relevant changes.

Your life is changing quickly. Need help with this? Contact us.

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