You Mirror What You Receive. Mirror Reflection

Keep smiling, Keep Laughing

In my psychic readings I listen to people. The people can be clients, friends or family. I never judge what I hear, I just listen, take note of the message and tone of the conversation and examine the basic tenet to get the big picture of what’s happening.There's Crap Going On. Don't Make it Hard For Yourself | Mirror Reflection

Here are Examples

I posted a blog a week or so ago and I received emails from people wanting to unsubscribe. A couple of others commented about what I wrote about. That’s quite normal. People are subscribing, unsubscribing and commenting all the time. I love to get feedback and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I know, what I say may not be to everybody’s liking because something can be aired that you take issue to. This is great, it’s called free speech and it’s what makes our world a fantastic place to live in. What was interesting about last week though was the tone of the messages I received. Some replies were spitefulness. This, to me, reflected frustration just below the surface.

I mentioned this to a close friend a day or so ago and she agreed. She had noticed something was brewing at her work. She couldn’t put her finger on it, but she mentioned her boss and a couple of colleagues were particularly testy. They came out with really silly things they wanted her to do that were out of character.

What’s Happening? It’s The Mirror Reflection of You

Have you found that your friends, colleagues and family have been a bit short with you lately? Okay, maybe more than just short with you, downright testy and rude?

Guess what! It’s a mirror reflection. It’s two sided, it’s not just them, it you too. What you receive is mirrored by what you’re sending out. I’m conscious of this as I write this message to you because I know that what I say may have an affect on you. I’m aware of the conversations I have with people and that some of what I say may upset people. There’s nothing I need to change about what I say to people. I can’t base what I say on a particular person or group. What I can do though, is be aware of what I say and be prepared that I could upset that person.

What Do I Do When There’s Crap Going On?

I’m always cheerful and positive. It’s partly my nature and it’s also something I have learnt. I try to be as loving, friendly and empowering to everyone I deal with. I’ve become famous for it. As I write this I’m sitting in my daughters restaurant with a coffee and a man and a little girl walked in and I immediately chatted to the little girl (she’s still here and I think I have a friend for life, how cool is that!). My daughter’s comment as she walked back to the kitchen was “Typical! Happy with everyone!”. Yes, I am and I work on being that every minute of the day.

You Mirror What You Receive | Don’t make it Hard For Yourself

There's Crap Going On. Don't Make it Hard For Yourself | Mirror ReflectionYou have an impact and effect on everyone you meet and talk to every second of the day. It’s how you interact with people that makes your life outstanding. It starts with you. It may be what you write in your email or text message, how you answer the phone or how you converse with your clients.

Certainly, there are times when you’re off colour. You could be feeling a bit melancholy or even downright angry and that’s your right. But, if you’re like this, don’t expect to have a fantastic day. Realise your relationship with others won’t be amazing. Your reason for existence on the planet is to strive for happiness. Being in a negative, disempowering place is not going to get you to that happiness.

 Call to Action

Slow down just a little. Where ever you are, what ever you’re doing, slow down and think about what you’re about to say. Engage people. Whether it’s in the supermarket, at work, at home, with friends, anywhere. When you write that text message, read it before you send it and ask yourself “Would I like to receive this message?”. The email you’re about to send, same thing. Don’t send it straight away, hold your finger over the send button for a few seconds, re-read it. Happy? Yes. Now send it.

Having a coffee or a meal? Smile at the people around you, engage them. Yes, they might think you’ve lost your marbles, then again, you might just make someone’s day. Your small action could make someone’s day or even save a life.

Let’s face it, we all need a little help, and we just need to remember where that help comes from. It starts with ourselves!


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