Build your Life Force Energy and Meditation Energy with Mindfulness Exercises

Life Force Energy

I’d like to talk about energy. Not that fuel you put in your car or what turns the lights on in your house. The energy I’m referring to is that ‘other’ type which is the energy that’s been around since time began. That’s right, I’m referring to universal life force energy or ki, (qui).

You would be the agree with me that if you’re moving around and doing stuff you tend to have more energy. I suspect you’d also agree if you are not moving and are unfit, and living a lazy lifestyle you find it hard to motivate yourself into doing stuff. We call this sedentary life style. With type of lifestyle you get fat and lazy. I know, I’ve been there! What happens is energy or using energy creates energy within us. That’s why if you try to start exercising and doing stuff it’s hard to start. That’s because you don’t have any energy.

Life Force Energy and Meditation Energy with Mindfulness Exercises

                 One Mind

Life Force Energy and Meditation Energy with Mindfulness Exercises

Did you know that if you’re in an ego, stressed place within yourself you’ll always find it hard to start allowing meditation energy to become within you. This is why we get sick and where chronic illness comes from. It’s because you’re not doing mindfulness exercises.You don’t want that. What you want is to be complete. To be complete you have a flow of life force energy and meditation energy with mindfulness exercises. Then you add in the other stuff. The other stuff is the physical exercise, what you eat, how you feel, watching your emotions etc.

The How

To manage and do this is easy. All you need to do is be kind and loving to yourself. Want to know more specific to your life? Book a psychic reading. Imagine being cared and nurtured during loving and empowering psychic lesson with Psychic Andrew Warnes.
And here’s what you do. What I’ve done is broken a complex thing into two very easy steps. These are the things to do right now to practice mindfulness meditation and build your life force energy.
  1. Mindfulness Exercises.
    • As you sit reading this or watching the video be aware what’s going on around you. The birds, sounds, cars, trucks, dogs, people moving around. Be aware of the temperature, how you feel, if you are bored, happy irritated. Are there any scents in the air? And what’s in your hand? Are you holding anything? How does that feel. Do this for the next 5 minutes.
  2. Prioritise to help lower stress.
    • As you sat your mind would have been busy. That’s okay and normal, what would have also happened is your breathing would have slowed just a bit to become more regular.
    • Next grab a piece of paper and a pen and make a list right now. The list is 2 – 3 things that you have to do today. Only 2 or 3, no more.
    • Look at and deal with emails once in the morning and once in the afternoon. All other times switch your email program off.
    • That’s all you do, the rest of your life ticks along normally.

And that’s how you practice mindfulness, starting right now. Do it often——tune in…….

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