In your daily quest for a full life of happiness and success, you have to be super vigilant to monitor your emotions. Anything or anyone can set a spark that quickly set off a blaze. Like many professionals in psychology and the humanities, as a psychic I have to keep clients at an arms length. I consider myself apt in being able to watch and control my emotions when I consult clients. If you were in my business or something similar you would find it important to not allow stress negative emotions to creep in too.
During a psychic reading I know if I lose it somehow I’m letting my client down. We have to be 100% on top of what we do. Consequently I watch what I eat and drink. I try to get good rest, be fit and vital and be emotionally positive and empowering.

Mastering Emotions

You know it only takes one spark to light a fire and for me, yesterday, a blaze nearly started. This doesn’t happen very often, perhaps once every 2 years. Someone came to me who believed she knew more about what I do and how I should conduct my business than I do.
I’m not easily fazed and I know you have your opinion and you have your right to your opinion.

Push my Buttons

This woman knew before she came to see me that she was going to push my buttons. There was something about her persona and a amber, then red light came on in my head. What you have to remember is nothing this is nothing about her per se. If you and I were in a conversation we would be tempted to gossip and judge this woman, But we know better don’t we! The professional side of me knew exactly what to do and I’m rarely stressed when I consult with clients. However, with this client, I felt my stress levels rising.
So what happened?
It’s all about my preparation and if you’re in a predicament like this, you will agree. The preparation might be there but there’s always going to be the ball that comes from left field when you’re not expecting it. I was traveling along okay when all of a sudden my credibility was challenged. Credibility in what I do is closely attached to ego.

Mastering Emotions : Being Emotionally Positive : Push my Buttons

It’s interesting thinking about this as I write because I felt something triggered a button, and it all happened in a flash. I felt an instant, reactive, negative jolt. My stress level and blood pressure rose causing my power of intuition and creativity crash. All this within a few seconds.
Have you ever been in an accident or incident where everything moves in slow motion? This is what happened as I observed my reaction to what was happening to me. What is actually happening is we are in a total ‘NOW’ space when this happens, but that’s another topic.

Here’s the science to Being Emotionally Positive

When someone or something attacks you, your flight and fight stress responses will kick in. Fight and flight is fast, very fast because it needs to be. If a sabre-tooth tiger wants to eat you you need to be able to respond quickly by running or fighting. There’s no time to think you react. You need to think about being emotionally positive in mastering your emotions.
There are very few sabre-tooth tigers around now. The natural reaction response is still hard wired into us though. The good news is you can learn to monitor your response.
When you’re challenged, if you get the opportunity, monitor your response. You will have to step up a level by being consciousness of where you’re at. You’re taking your own internal action. No one will see it and you’ll remain calm the whole time.
Taking consciousness action like this can mean the difference between and argument, or fight, and a peaceful resolution. Peaceful resolution is so much more calming and fruitful than conflict.
There’s an added benefit too. Monitoring a stressful situation like this results in a shorter resolution because you don’t reach the high levels of negative arousal associated with conflict. In other words, we get over it much quicker and with less stress.Mastering Emotions : Being Emotionally Positive : Push my Buttons
Does that sound easy? Do you think you might remember to monitor yourself during your next disagreement or conflict?

Your Call to action.

When someone pushes one of your buttons, stop and monitor your responses and reaction.

Think about the processes going on within you.
That’s all, nothing else.

Until next time, have the best outstanding day.

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