Look Positive Make Spectacular

Our Look Positive Make Spectacular belief story

Look positive make spectacular is a belief story. A couple of months ago our landlord told us he wanted to sell the house we currently rent. I had mixed feelings as I love the house, it’s energy and position. We immediately started to look for somewhere to move to, and viola, just up the road, not 100 metres away is the perfect place.

We didn’t worry about acting immediately because our current place had not sold so we let it pass. Then, we received news that in 2 months we would have to move—no problem—we both knew our perfect home would appear. Unfortunately, we missed out on the perfect place up the road, then a few weeks later I had an ah-ha moment.look positive make spectacular

Ah-Ha Message to Look Positive Make Spectacular

My special gigga-zang, ah-ha message was that I’m to expand my psychic reading business and to do this we needed to find a new home/office will accommodate that. We settled at a very special house in New Farm here in Brisbane. It’s got great attributes because it’s very central and has great position. Also, it has good parking, a special energy and available right when our current lease expires. Perfect………

I read a newspaper article to my partner yesterday. It said that moving house is the third most stressful thing a couple can do after death and divorce. Not for us……we’re really excited! We’re having a ball, we have plenty of time to pack. This is giving me loads of time to work on the business expansion because I’ll be employing psychics to work with me.

What I’m doing is making something spectacular out of what could have been average. Weeks ago, I was scrolling through my mind and the ah-ha moment happened and I didn’t let it go, I let it grow. I don’t know if my business expansion will be financially profitable—I don’t care. I know I’ll learn things as I go—things about me, my partner Tracey (who wants to be more involved), the new psychic readers I employ and you, the wonderful people who come to see me.

Want more about moving house? Check out this. This is about how to move.

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Action Plan

I don’t do these blogs for the nice story, I do them to help you. So here’s your action plan to look positive make spectacular………

You’ve been asked to do something which could be negative and stressful. The thing to do is stop before you get negative about it, and look for your ah-ha moment, your positive outcome, or the synchronistic thing that you can grab and make spectacular.

There’s more on moving/buying a home in this video.

Have an awesome time,

Psychic Andrew

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