Jack and the Maiden – Mentoring for Growth – Trust your Senses

The Modern ‘Mentoring For Growth’ Fairytale

This is the story of Jack and the Maiden. Once upon a time there lived a fair maiden. She was smart, went to university, became highly qualified, worked hard, was great at sports, often beating male opponents and became highly successful. She was often thought of as a high achiever and she had become a little aloof in the eyes of others.

One day a few years ago she thought she would advance her horizons by studying and experimenting in spirituality and meditation. It was something she was drawn to do and she thought it may answer one or two questions about herself. She also thought she would find answers to some of those religious questions that often dogged her.

So the maiden became absorbed into the world of meditation and spirituality. Or so she thought!

Jack and the Maiden - Mentoring for Growth - Trust your SensesThe Dark Cloud of ‘Trusting Your Senses’

But…. a dark cloud gathered over her and she became consumed by an evil force. She became fearful, untrusting and paranoid and felt the experiences were leading her to a period of depression and mental instability. So the maiden “ran” and escaped the dark cloud with wounds that would take years to heal.

A Knight in Shining Armour?

Like all beautiful maidens the one thing she wanted more than anything was to be happy and be swept away by a dashing and strong night-in-shining armour on a white horse. She felt her happiness would be fulfilled with a partner in her life. Alas, this was not to be. The maiden occasionally had coffee or dinner with an on-line dating partner but she felt these men weren’t for her. They sounded insincere while she felt she was being completely truthful to them.

The maiden continued her life, occasionally luring herself into spiritual, psychic and mentoring help here and there. And then a spark! She heard about a coaching program that was affordable and different and it resinated with something deep inside her.

Even Maidens take Action to Mentor for Growth

She made a commitment to the coaching program and overnight things began to change. Our maiden surprised and overwhelmed herself by the huge step and commitment she had taken after her previous experience. She found herself on the coaches doorstep every week and he seemingly did very little. He rarely tested or challenged her, he gave her simple exercises, and admitted to her that she was unlikely to have regular ah-ha change moments. He suggested that her ah-ha moments would hit her when she least expected it—at work, or with friends and family.

The Mentoring Program ‘Trust Your Senses

About the time she started her mentoring program our wonderful heroine mentioned to her coach that there was serf she was interested in. He prompted her to spend time with him and they went out a few times, playing sports and games together, which she normally won, and enjoyed her time with him. Her only trepidation was that her serf seemed uncommitted to anything more than a casual friendship.

Nudged or Pushed?

One day, to her horror, her coach suggested that she could do something outrageous with the serf. Now in in these times beautiful maidens such as ours didn’t do “outrageous”. It was far to big a challenge although the “outrageous” the coach suggested was only in the form of a touch or gesture such as holding a hand. This was just NOT done in the maiden’s kingdom.

So the relationship started to wain, distance grew between the two and this worried the maiden. She really enjoyed being out-and-about, especially with the serf and other people. Time with the serf made her realise just how lonely she had become locked in her castle for all those years. He had given her a key to freedom and there was no way she was going to sneak back into that darkness.

More Challenges

Not long after this the maiden’s coach decided to challenge her one more time. He suggested she try internet dating again. Shock, horror again, “What’s he doing to me?”, she thought. But as a dutiful student, she obliged gave it a go.

The real Jack of Jack and the Maiden Appears

Then, after a week she received a special message by electronic pigeon from Jack. Now Jack was a little different from the other serfs in the kingdom; he spent time away planting seeds and growing the nations wealth. Jack decided to pursue our beautiful maiden. He sent her special messages cast on a stone hand-carved rock, then he called up to her from the road below. Jack made the maiden feel very special. He talked to her and he allowed our maiden to tell him how she felt.  Our maiden had made it clear from the start that she wanted to take things slowly.

Jack and the Maiden - Mentoring for Growth - Trust your SensesA Surprise

Lo and behold, something happened to the maiden. She went out with Jack only twice before he had to leave to plant beans in a far off land. This didn’t stop him perusing her ever day, by pigeon and hand delivered text. It only took a  couple of days for our maiden to realise she was falling in love, and what amazed her was how wonderful she felt and how easy it was.

Our maiden surprised herself by her carelessness, she had broken so many kingdom ‘rules’ with Jack. Rules like meeting in the crowded tavern and going to his castle on the back of his horse on the first date. What amazed  her was that she broke these rules without a care in the world, she felt empowered, as if nothing could happen where  she would be harmed. Something deep was at play, she analysed it and it felt good.

So how does this fairy tale end?

The story Continues

We don’t know because the story is still been written. This wonderful romance could end as quickly as it started or it could blossom into a loving, life-long relationship with marriage, children and grandchildren. Either way the maiden has won a battle within herself to trust her own senses and to take a leap of faith.

What is at work for the maiden is her trust; not in Jack, but herself. She has amazed herself by her ability to continually push her own fear boundaries and she is reaping the benefits every day.

How do you trust your senses? Do you seek help?

The maiden did because she decided a relationship and a wonderful life is more important than the pain of not committing and not trusting herself.

Post Scrip

Jack returns soon from planting his beans and our maiden sits by her window every day awaiting his return. Meanwhile, the pidgeons and the messengers deliver daily messages of love and empowerment.

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