A couple of years ago I participated in a psychic fair. It was a fun day. I was doing my intuitive art and two young boys wandered up and asked what my intuitive art was about were about. I explained and then sat them down to do their own. The results of what they produced are here.

Intuitive Art : Children set the intuitive standard

This is Jordon’s effort






Intuitive Art : Children set the intuitive standard


This is John Luke’s Life Pattern




Intuitive Art : Children Set the Intuitive Standard

These guys didn’t have a clue what they were doing and it took them a couple of minutes grasp the concept of putting a hand out, grabbing a pastel and drawing a line. They were just picking up pastels and drawing—no prompting, no coaching—only gentle persuasion to ‘have a go’ and not worry about the outcome.

We videoed their description of each Life pattern. My partner, Tracey, was the subject of John Luke’s picture and I was the subject of Jordon’s. Needless to say the description of what they intuitively picked up is astonishing.

Clearly, when we get out of own own way and let our children express themselves with no judgement, only support and a ‘can-do’ attitude, who knows where these children can take themselves.


Here’s a comment about what the boys did. You may look at these images and think, “So what…”. Please understand what you’re looking at. These are a psychic reading in picture form, they have a simplicity to them, some say they are child-like—that’s what I do and it’s what the boys did. The commentary the boys gave lasted about 5 minutes each; the commentaries I give with mine last anything fro 5 to 30 minutes and they are no more or less descriptive or accurate than what the boys did yesterday.



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