Feel Gratitude for the simple things we see and hear using Gratitude Statements

I religiously work on my own personal development and I do it every day. I have a routine that includes getting up early, showering, meditation, stretching  and exercise. An important part of my rountine is to re-inforce my goals and other rituals including my gratitudes. I do this twice a day, morning and night. This is important because it is an effective way for me to stay on track with my goals.

One specific thing I do each morning is to have gratitude all the wonderful things I have in my life.How to Feel Gratitude for Crappy Things | Gratitude Statements

Feel Gratitude 

It’s this gratitude I want to talk about today.

Once spun a time I used to just think about what I have gratitude for. It would include things like my warm bed, the nice hot shower and my fantastic clients who I’ll see during the day. Then there’s the sound of the birds outside, relationships, the sound of children and even one or two challenging things.

The Challenging Things

These might include the way I’m procrastinating on a particular task. The way drama glue crap rose to the surface about a certain issue and the way I reacted to what someone had said. Or it’s the challenges I have in the way my daughters are coping with their lives. I’m not one for dwelling on the drama glue in my life mainly because I don’t have any. I don’t go into the crap associated with those close to me, because I believe it’s their stuff, not mine. When I think about it, I certainly don’t have any reason to be angry about the breakdown of relationships with those close to me. This includes my ex-partner, because I have gratitude for the fabulous years and wonderful memories of the times we had together.

On Top or Denial

You’re probably getting the picture that I’m either very on top of my emotions or I’m in total denial. Personally, I don’t care what you think. All I know is the personal development that I do on myself every morning, including going through what I have gratitude for, is highly effective for me to live my spectacular life.

Keep moving Forward

Now we all know that the journey we’re all on never finishes. If I give up and sit and let my life travel idly by I’ll stagnate and die. I know I must keep moving forward, I constantly need to be improving every day.

This is why, a few days ago, I checked in to what I was doing every morning, and I discovered there was room for improvement. Consequently, I expanded what I was doing with my gratitude statements.

 Here’s What I Did

I used to just sit on my bed and think about what I have gratitude for and call them out. That was okay and it worked. Then a friend handed me a little book by Melody Beattie called “Make Miracles in Forty Days” which I read and it gave me an idea to push my gratitude to the next level.

What I do now is write down what I’m grateful for each morning and I do it as soon as I wake up. I do this in the morning because that’s when I’m at my most vulnerable. My ego hasn’t had the chance to wake up and sabotage me!

The other thing I did was to look deeper into myself to find gratitude for the disempowering stuff deep within me.

The results after only a few days have been miraculous. I’ve found answers to things that I’ve been grappling with for weeks. I found the answers simply because I gave myself permission to grab hold of some negative piece of crap lurking within myself, bring it to the surface and toss it away.

Call to Action Use Gratitude Statements

You can carry out your call to action to the level that you’re comfortable with.

  1.  As you’re waking up in the morning spend a minute or so thinking about what you have gratitude for. It may be for the lovely warm bed, your home, the comfort of your home, your beautiful children, your partner lying next to you, your mother and or father, the sound of birds outside or, if you’re lucky enough to be near the coast, the sound of water or the waves.
  2. Take this a step futher by jotting down what you have gratitude for on a piece of paper or in your journal .
  3. The final level is to push your internal boundaries by looking for gratitude in things you may be uncomfortable with. These may include gratitude for having that stressful job, the worse boss ever, an ex-partner who you’re not on good terms with, a noisy neighbour, no money, or no partner (to some, this could be positive or negative). Similarly, you could me like me. My ‘negative’ gratitudes include things like procrastination, fear of failure, fear of rejection, and a fear of being alone in life. So open your heart and let yourself go.

This last level may be confronting to you. That’s okay if it is, don’t do it. You see when we can have gratitude for those negative things in our lives, it turns them around. It means that we have learnt something from the experience of that episode, and once we’ve learnt from an experience, we’re unlikely to put ourselves in that same predicament again.

In just a few days I’ve had a miraclous breakthrough with one of my fears simply by being grateful for not worrying about the cost of what I’m pursuing and to do it anyway.

You don’t need luck with you gratitude because your gratitude will produce your luck.

Have a fantastic week.


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